Fear To Flow

  • Identify and understand mental blocks

Five Shots Lower

Fix Your Hook

  • How to hit straight drives consistently

Soft Hands Chipping - Practice Plan

  • Soft hands to improve lofted chip shots

Complete Caddie Guide

  • How variables affect the golf ball like wind, temperature and lie

Arm Sync - Practice Plan

  • Synchronised arms in the backswing for better ball striking

Upper Lower Body Sway - Practice Plan

  • Upper Body Sway Fix for better ball striking

Lower Body Sway - Practice Plan

  • Lower Body Sway Fix

Pure Your Irons

  • The correct grip

Intro To Wedge Control 30-70 Yards - Practice Plan

  • Wedge Distance Control 30-70 Yards
  • Learning distances that are a weakness

Creative Iron Play - Practice Plan

  • Iron Shot Creativity
  • Hitting Draws & Fades (Shot Shaping)
  • Controlling Distance (Irons)

Irons Setup and Pivot - Practice Plan

  • Improved ball striking with irons
  • Posture and setup calibration
  • More centred pivot

Launching The Driver - Practice Plan

  • Consistent setup with the driver.
  • How to hit up on the driver.
  • How to load the backswing for more distance.

Fix Your Slice

  • How to video your golf swing
  • What is a slice?
  • Results of centre hits

How To Play Golf Bundle


Break 90 ULTRA Bundle

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Full Body Freedom bundle


GIR Bundle


Long Game Bundle


Power Bundle


Precision Bundle


Short Game Bundle


Beginner Bundle


Break 90 Bundle


Break 100 Bundle


Full Body Freedom

  • What the number one overuse injury is in golf and how to prevent it
  • Beginner yoga moves for better golf
  • How to add more longevity to your golfing career

Complete Wedge Play

  • How to play feel wedges vs full shots
  • How to nail the tricky 40 yard wedge shots
  • The ideal wedge setup and swing

How To Play Golf Level 3 - On The Course

  •  The different areas of the course and what they all mean for you
  • The different types of holes on the course and how to play them
  • The essential equipment you need on the course

Total Driving

  • FIX your slice or hook FOREVER
  • Find more FAIRWAYS

Golf At Home

  • How to identify your Swing Faults at home.
  • Indoor putting drills to practice at home.
  • Drills to build consistency and power in your swing.

Winter Golf Plan

  • How to rip your irons 
  • Getting more distance from your driver, without sacrificing accuracy 
  • Game-changing indoor drills to practice at home

Complete Chipping

  • Basic Chip Shot set up
  • Chipping technique
  • Whether you’re too steep or shallow

Complete Putting

  • Learn how to read greens better than ever
  • We show you how to tighten up and calibrate your putting stroke for more consistency on the greens
  • How to aim the putter correctly

Home Swing Guide

  • Golf swing setup
  • Key factors to create a consistent golf swing
  • How to fix the common issues that stop you from reaching your potential.

How To Play Golf Level 2 - The Long Game

  • How to fix shots that go off-target
  • How to be more consistent
  • Find the grip which suits you.

How To Play Golf Level 1 - The Basics

  • How to hold the club
  • How to create the correct stance and posture
  • Learn what it takes to produce a consistent strike

Ultimate Irons

  • How to hit ball-turf contact consistently!
  • How to dominate Par 3’s and Approach Shots
  • Fairway Bunkers

Flexible In 15

  • Learn the important body parts to stretch for golf.
  • Understand your strengths and limitations.
  • Get your mind and body ready for the golf course.

Break 100

  • Understand the correct setup and concepts for both Driver and Irons
  • Stop mis-hitting short game shots and develop great strategies and techniques
  • How to manage all the various awkward lies - downhill, uphill and other tough lies

Break 90

  • Techniques on how to fix your slice and hook to manage your ball-flight
  • How to make PURE ball contact like PGA Pros
  • Consistently find the Center of the Face and hit long and straight drives

Break 80

  • How to create perfect balance in the swing for solid contact
  • How to straighten out your ball flight
  • How To optimise your launch and spin for long drives

Slice To Draw

  • Understand exactly what causes your soul destroying slice
  • Master your set up to prepare for your new draw!
  • Build a consistent backswing that helps you avoid frustrating swing faults

Secrets To Lower Scores

  • Simple tips to help you shoot lower scores and stop making simple mistakes in the easiest way possible
  • How to control your mind and calm your nerves on the golf course
  • How to avoid common faults that make golfers struggle when playing sloping lies and trouble shots