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Complete Chipping

There is nothing worse than having zero confidence in your golf chipping, knowing you’re going to duff your chip or thin it over the green. This is particularly disheartening given your short game and chipping is one of the most important aspects of golf for achieving consistently good scores.

That’s why we’ve created Complete Chipping, a 5-part Coaching Plan that will transform your golf chipping swing and technique, showing you how to play all the different awkward lies and positions, as well as chipping from the rough. We also give you the skills you need to take this to the course and read every situation you’re in.

In a matter of weeks, we’ll get you chipping with confidence, accuracy and consistency – those duffed and thin chips will be a thing of the past!

  • All Levels
  • 5 courses
  • 20 lessons
Complete Chipping
Complete Chipping - Sample Video

What You'll Need

  • Access to a golf course or practice area
  • Set of golf clubs
  • Golf balls
  • Time to practice each week

What You'll Learn

  • FANTASTIC chipping technique
  • How to work out if your downswing is too STEEP or SHALLOW
  • How to NAIL the lofted chip
  • How to set up for consistently GREAT chip shots
  • How to produce amazing CHIP AND RUNS
  • How to master the FLOP SHOT
  • How to execute the ONE HOP AND STOP
  • How to NEGOTIATE awkward lies
  • How to chip out the ROUGH
  • How to avoid common chipping MISTAKES
  • Practice GAMES to enhance on-course performance

5 Courses On Demand

Watch any time, any place - and work through them in your own time. You have complete control over your golf practice.

01 The Basics

Course 1 is all about going back to basics to achieve solid contact on your chip shots.

  • Basic Technique

  • The Setup

  • Tech Talk

  • Course Skills

02 Judging Distance

Course 2 will help you become a master of judging distance. We'll also show you the most common technique killers and how to fix them!

  • Distance Control

  • Lofted Distance Control

  • Tech Talk

  • Course Skills

03 Tackling The Rough

Let us show you how to play out the rough with AMAZING results. We also discuss how to pick the correct landing spots for all chip shots.

  • Playing from the rough

  • Tech Talk

  • Course Skills

04 Trouble Shots and Slopes

In this course you'll learn how to play uphill, downhill, ball-below and ball-above sloping shots, as well as other difficult lies.

  • Ball Above Technique

  • Downhill Lie Technique

  • Tight and Muddy Lie Technique

  • Course Skills

05 Speciality Shots

The final course is an exciting one as you learn how to play the flop shot, and the one-hop-and-stop shot, as well as other speciality shots!

  • Flop Shot Technique

  • Playing Up a Tier

  • Long Range Chip Shot

  • Backspin Chip Shots

  • Course Skills

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