Complete Chipping

There is nothing worse than standing over a chip shot with no confidence, knowing that you’re going to duff it or thin it over the green! That’s why we’ve created Complete Chipping, which is a 5-week Coaching Plan that will transform your chipping swing, show you how to play all the different awkward lies and positions, as well as chipping from the rough.   Plus, understand the importance of your equipment. We also give you the skills you need to take this to the course and read every situation you’re in. Get ready to get your confidence back with your chipping.

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5 weeks
average 20 minutes/per week
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What You'll Learn

  • Basic Chip Shot set up
  • Chipping technique
  • Whether you’re too steep or shallow
  • Lofted Chip
  • Chip and run
  • Flop shot
  • The one hop and stop
  • Awkward lies
  • Chipping out the rough
  • Bare muddy lies
  • How to read the conditions
  • Common chipping mistakes
  • Practice games to enhance on-course performance


  • Access to a golf course or practice area
  • Set of clubs and balls
  • Practice session each week

Get ready to take your game to a whole new level

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