How To Play Golf - The Basics

How To Play Golf: The Basics is a simple yet powerful 4-week coaching plan. It's specifically designed for beginners to teach you the basics of how to swing a golf club. It's also suited to veterans to the game that simply want to brush up on the basics. Each week of the plan is sectioned into easy-to-follow instruction and simple practice drills. We'll help you understand the key concepts in golf, and how to deal with any common myths that could be holding you back.

beginner level
4 weeks
average 20 minutes/per week
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  • How to hold the club
  • How to create the correct stance and posture
  • Learn what it takes to produce a consistent strike
  • Learn how to swing the golf club with ease
  • Learn about the equipment needed
  • Learn what it takes to hit high, straight golf shots


  • One Golf Club (iron)
  • A few golf balls
  • Practice area/ Driving Range or Open Space
  • Min of 1 Practice session per week

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Simple, Powerful 4-week Coaching Plan