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How To Play Golf Level 1 - The Basics

How To Play Golf: The Basics is a simple yet powerful 4-part coaching plan. It’s designed specifically for beginners to teach you the basics of how to hold a golf club and how to swing a golf club.

Each part is sectioned into easy-to-follow instruction and simple practice drills that will help you learn how to play golf in a matter of weeks. We’ll help you understand the key concepts in golf, and how to deal with any common myths that could be holding you back.

The best part is: you can learn how to play golf at your own pace. The plan will always be here for you to revisit anytime.

If you’re a golf veteran but want to brush up on the basics – this plan is perfect for you, too. There’s never a bad time to remind yourself of the cornerstone knowledge that builds the foundations of this fantastic game.

Learning how to play golf is challenging and rewarding – and keeps on giving. Anyone can start today to improve their fitness, mental health, and spend time with friends.

  • beginner
  • 4 courses
  • 20 lessons
How To Play Golf Level 1 - The Basics

What You'll Need

  • One golf club (any iron)
  • A few golf balls
  • Access to a practice area, driving range or open space
  • Time for at least one practice session per week

What You'll Learn

  • How to HOLD the club
  • How to create the correct STANCE and POSTURE
  • How to produce a CONSISTENT strike
  • How to swing the golf club with EASE
  • The KEY equipment you'll need
  • How to hit HIGH, STRAIGHT golf shots

4 Courses On Demand

Watch any time, any place - and work through them in your own time. You have complete control over your golf practice.

01 The Grip and Basics

We start with the most important part of the plan: The GRIP! It is crucial to hold the club correctly to allow you to swing the club freely around your body, and it’s the Number 1 influence to the direction of your shots.

  • Intro and How To Aim

  • The Golf Club

  • The Grip Basics

  • Myth: Swing It Straight To Hit It Straight

  • Myth: Getting Under It

  • Diversity in Golf

02 Posture and How Your Arms Move

In Course 2 we show you how to hit the ball straighter and further by understanding how to move your arms at the most important part of the golf swing.

  • Intro

  • Myth: Keep The Club Face Pointing At The Target

  • Posture

  • The Through Swing

  • Golf Fashion

03 How To Finish Your Swing

Learn how to finish your swing with amazing style and balance - just like the best golfers in the world!

  • Intro

  • Myth: Keep Your Head Down Or Still

  • Your Clubs

  • Forward Shift

  • Where Can I Practice?

04 Moving Your Body

Course 4 brings everything together, showing you how to move the body in order to generate power in your golf shots!

  • Intro

  • Myth: Keep Your Left Arm Straight

  • Body Turn

  • 5 Reasons Golf Is Amazing For Your Wellbeing!

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