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Break 100

“I am into the 3rd week of break 100. I just finished playing 18 and shot an 88!!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!! You guys are AWESOME. Thank you so much” – Suren G

Break 100 is a carefully designed – but easy-to-follow – guide that lays out Piers and Andy’s secrets to breaking 100 in golf time after time.

Our game-changing approach to breaking 100 in golf is tried and tested on thousands of golfers who have managed to achieve their goal in a matter of weeks – some even sooner!

“Can’t recommend this enough. Everything about the plan is top notch. Break 100 has taken all the guesswork out of improving my golf game. Ball striking has never been better. Also, I’ve drastically reduced the incidence of slicing” – Patrick W

  • beginner
  • 6 courses
  • 40 lessons
Break 100

What You'll Need

  • Access to a practice area or driving range
  • Access to a golf course
  • Golf clubs and equipment
  • Time for 2 practice sessions of 50 balls or a minimum of 9 holes on the course each week

What You'll Learn

  • The IDEAL TECHNIQUE for consistent driving, chipping and putting
  • How to RIP YOUR IRONS and hit more greens
  • How to manage AWKWARD LIES
  • How to play out of the ROUGH
  • How to cut out MIS-HIT pitches and chips

6 Courses On Demand

Watch any time, any place - and work through them in your own time. You have complete control over your golf practice.

01 Back to Basics

Course 1 is all about going back to basics. Learn key concepts and techniques covering driving, irons, putting and on-course strategy to create a foundation for consistently shooting under 100.

  • Setup Basics

  • Swing Concept

  • Club Face and Swing Arc

  • Driving

  • The Ladder Drill (Easy)

  • High and Low Chipping

  • Friendly Advice

02 Iron vs Driver

In Course 2, you’re going to learn the correct setup, ball position and swing path for both driver and irons.

  • Iron Concept

  • Ball Striking

  • Driver Concept

  • Driver Practice

  • The Ladder Drill (Easy)

  • 2 Putt Drill (Easy)

  • Greenside Bunker

  • Myth: Getting Under It

03 Finish in Style

Course 3 is all about using the hips to produce power and consistency for both driver and irons.

  • The Pivot

  • Driving

  • The Ladder Drill (Medium)

  • 2 Putt Drill (Medium)

  • Pitching Strike and Distance Control

  • Myth: Keep Your Head Down

04 Hybrids and Fairway Metals

Course 4 is all about how to dominate the hybrids and fairway clubs. We break down the right setup and technique, showing you how to apply it for real on the course.

  • Hybrids and Fairway Metals

  • Playing Out The Rough

  • Putting (Medium)

  • Myth: You're Swinging Too Fast

05 Course Strategy and Awkward Lies

In Course 5 you'll learn how to manage all the various awkward lies that cost you shots – downhill, uphill and more. Learn how to manage your game on the course to avoid big scores.

  • Tee Shot Strategy

  • Approach Shot Strategy

  • Short Game Shot Strategy

  • Uphill Lie

  • Downhill Lie

  • Hazzard Influence

  • The Ladder Drill (Hard)

  • 2 Putt Drill (Hard)

  • Myth: Left Arm Straight

06 Pre Shot Routine

We focus on how to perform on the course and dial in a solid pre-shot routine to help produce more consistency. The finishing touches to breaking 100!

  • Pre Shot Routine

  • Ball Above

  • Ball Below

  • Putting (Hard)

  • Chipping Out The Trees

  • Myth: Low and Slow

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Breaking 100 consistently

Breaking 100 in golf means recording a score of less than 100 on an 18-hole course, and is a major milestone for beginners, high handicappers and inconsistent weekend warriors.

When you can break 100 consistently, your enjoyment of the game will skyrocket and help you feel confident that you are truly progressing as a golfer.

You’ll also feel like you’re much more capable of competing with your playing partners, no matter how often you play.

nd once you break 100, you can focus on the next major milestone in a golfer’s life – breaking 90.

The key to breaking 100

The truth is, there isn’t a single key ingredient that’s going to stop you shooting in the 100s. But that doesn’t mean it’s not simple.

In fact, the thousands of members who have broken 100 after following the coaching plan have been amazed at just how easy it is - if you approach your game in the right way.

Here are some of the most important things that will move the needle for you and that we teach in our Break 100 program.

Breaking 100 Strategy

Thinking your way around the course is really important. Often simply changing expectations is one of the most effective ways of creating a strategy for breaking 100 consistently.

You don’t need pars to break 100, so do you really need to be going for the pin on every approach shot? Do you need the driver out on every tee box?

We’ll help show you the simple strategy for breaking 100 the smart way.

Cut out common errors

Got a slice that you can’t tame? Swing faults like slices or hooks can have you losing balls and killing your score in no time.

What about tricky shots around the green in awkward lies? The better players seem to get out of tough situations while limiting the damage to their score, whereas we seem to compound our problems and walk away with too many triple bogeys.

We can help you avoid these common errors and navigate the tough shots to limit your blow-ups.

Practice with focus

High handicappers and weekend players who have struggled to break 100 in the past typically have something crucial in common: they don’t practice – and if they do, they don’t know what to do to get them the results they need on the course.

Many golfers that can’t break 100 may go to the driving range and hit balls without really having a plan while they’re there.

We will give you the specific drills you need to work on in your practice time to make your sessions as effective as possible and get your scores down.


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