Break 100

The Break 100 Coaching Plan is broken down into 6 weeks of pure coaching. Each week is packed full with easy to follow instruction, drills and tips. It’s basically like we are right there with you on the practice range or course.

And here’s the best part…you can move at your own pace. You’ll always have access to the coaching plan to go back to. Get ready to experience a whole new way of learning!

beginner level
6 weeks
average 20 minutes/per week
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No upfront fees
No contracts
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  • Understand the correct setup and concepts for both Driver and Irons
  • Stop mis-hitting short game shots and develop great strategies and techniques
  • How to manage all the various awkward lies - downhill, uphill and other tough lies
  • Create your own pre-short routine that sets a foundation for dropping less shots
  • Learn how to rip your irons and hit more shots on the green


  • Practice Area or Driving Range
  • Access to a Golf Course
  • Golf Clubs and equipment
  • 2 Practice sessions of 50 balls/ Min of 9 holes on course

Get ready to take your game to a whole new level

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Simple, Powerful 6-week Coaching Plan