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Fix Your Hook

After seeing the success of our members during the Fix Your Slice Challenge, we’ve developed Fix Your Hook, a simple 4 step system to hit your drives straight, consistently!

  • All Levels
  • 5 courses
  • 9 lessons
Fix Your Hook
Simple Guide To Straighter Drives Trailer

What You'll Need

  • Golf Clubs and Balls
  • Driving Range or Practice Area
  • The Me and My Golf App
  • True Grip Glove (Optional)
  • Me and My Golf Impact Bag (Optional)
  • Me and My Golf Alignment Sticks (Optional)
  • Tripod (Optional)

What You'll Learn

  • How to hit straight drives consistently
  • A more repeatable golf swing
  • More distance off the tee
  • Learn the root cause of your hook not just the symptoms
  • Understand how to analyse your own swing

5 Courses On Demand

Watch any time, any place - and work through them in your own time. You have complete control over your golf practice.

01 Pre-Course

  • Welcome Video

  • What Causes A Hook

  • How To Video Your Golf Swing

  • How The Ball Position Influences Ball Flight

  • Tee Height And Strike

02 Step 1 - The Grip

  • The Grip

03 Step 2 - The Move Away

  • The Move Away

04 Step 3 - Fixing The Path

  • Fixing The Path

05 Step 4 - Fixing The Closed Club Face

  • Fixing The Closed Club Face

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