Level: intermediate
Duration: 5 weeks
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Secrets To Lower Scores

The Secrets To Lower Scores Plan is broken down into 5 weeks of score slashing coaching. Each week is packed with easy to follow instruction, drills and tips. It’s basically like we're right there with you on the course. Get ready to BREAK through and post your best scores yet! And here's the best part...you can move at your own pace. You'll always have access to the coaching plan to go back to any time.


week 1

This week is critical when building a foundation for attacking the golf course like the Pros do. Get ready to score!

  • Pre-Shot Routine - 3 stage approach
  • Aim Your Ball Flight - Not your body
  • In-Game Evaluation - Identify patterns
  • Play To The Middle - Play smarter

Mind Games

week 2

Do you struggle with losing your mind on the course? In this week we show you how to control your mind, no matter the outcome. 

  • Expectations - Know the facts to stats
  • Be Your Own Caddie - Impact your emotions
  • First Tee Nerves - How you move effects how you feel
  • Concentration - Learn to stay in the present

Sloping Lies

week 3

Week 3 is all about dominating the slopes. One of the biggest score killers can be a result of the varying slopes...not any more!

  • Ball Below The Feet -Effect, setup & swing
  • Ball Above The Feet - Effect, setup & swing
  • Downhill Lie -Effect, setup & swing
  • Uphill Lie -Effect, setup & swing

Trouble Shots

week 4

In week 4 we cover all the score killing trouble shots you encounter on the golf course. 

  • Chipping Out - Assess, plan, execute
  • Reading The Lie - Assess, plan, execute
  • Fairway Bunker - Assess, plan, execute
  • The Flop - Assess, plan, execute

Game Day

week 5

IT'S GAME DAY! Ready to take it to the course? In week 5 we dive into what it takes to play your best with a winning strategy.

  • What's Your Plan - Fail to plan, plan to fail
  • Score Yourself - Strategic scoring
  • Avoid The Flag - What? Scoring secret
  • Hazards Change Technique - Staying focused

You're one coaching plan away from breaking through!