Secrets To Lower Scores

The Secrets To Lower Scores Plan is broken down into 5 weeks of score slashing coaching. Each week is packed with easy to follow instruction, drills and tips. It’s basically like we’re right there with you on the course. Get ready to BREAK through and post your best scores yet!

And here’s the best part…you can move at your own pace. You’ll always have access to the coaching plan to go back to any time.

intermediate level
5 weeks
average 20 minutes/per week
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No upfront fees
No contracts
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  • Simple tips to help you shoot lower scores and stop making simple mistakes in the easiest way possible
  • How to control your mind and calm your nerves on the golf course
  • How to avoid common faults that make golfers struggle when playing sloping lies and trouble shots
  • Develop a Tour Pro pre shot routine for more consistent results
  • What it takes to play your best on GAME DAY


  • Golf Clubs
  • Practice Area or Driving Range
  • 2 Practice Sessions per week
  • Play 9 Holes minimum

Get ready to take your game to a whole new level

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Simple, Powerful 5-week Coaching Plan