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Pure Your Irons

Introducing the Pure Your Irons Blueprint, our simple 5 step system to transform your ball striking.

We cover the 5 key areas in your set-up and swing that will get you impactful results fast, so you can consistently strike your irons pure!

  • all levels
  • 6 courses
  • 11 lessons
Pure Your Irons
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What You'll Need

  • Range or hitting area
  • Targets on the range
  • Irons

What You'll Learn

  • The correct grip
  • Good posture and balance
  • How to produce a great backswing pivot motion
  • How to keep the arms in sync with your body
  • A good down swing shift for perfect ball striking

6 Courses On Demand

Watch any time, any place - and work through them in your own time. You have complete control over your golf practice.

01 Course 1 - Pre Lesson

In Course 1, you’ll get prepared for Pure Your Irons by learning about the concept of ball striking, how to film your own golf swing and how you should set up your practice area to gain impact and strike feedback.

  • The Concept of Ball Striking

  • How to Film Your golf Swing

  • How to Get Great Feedback

02 Course 2 - The Grip

Course 2 covers the first step of the Pure Your Irons Blueprint - The Grip, which has a huge impact on the club face and how we move the body in the swing.

  • The Grip

03 Course 3 - Posture and Balance

In course 3 we focus on your posture and balance, which is the key to great pivot motion in the swing.

  • Posture and Balance

04 Course 4 - Back Swing Pivot Motion

  • Back Swing Pivot Motion

  • Lower Body Sway - Practice Plan

  • Upper Body Sway - Practice Plan

05 Course 5 - Arm Sync

  • Arm Sync

  • Practice Plan - Arm Sync

06 Course 6 - Downswing Shift

  • Downswing Shift

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