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Fear To Flow

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Fear To Flow

What You'll Need

What You'll Learn

  • Identify and understand mental blocks
  • Strategies to manage anxiety
  • How to build confidence
  • How to stay focused under pressure
  • Daily exercises and practices
  • How to integrate practices into your routine
  • How to shift from fear state to flow state

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01 Fear To Flow

Fear To Flow is a framework of golf mental game strategies, principles and techniques that take us from fear to the state of flow, the state of optimal performance, the zone where we play our best golf.

  • Goal Meditation

  • Learning To Breathe

  • Awe Mindset

  • Creator Mindset

  • Gratitude Mindset

  • Gratitude Mindset

  • Playful Mindset

  • Observer Mindset

  • Soft Focus

  • The Breathwork

  • Visualisation

  • Pre Shot Routine

  • Post Shot Routine

  • The Final Day

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