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Golf At Home

Ever wondered how you can improve your golf when you can’t get to the game or the course? Perhaps you don’t have enough time to practice as much as you’d like, but want to work on areas of your game when you get a couple of minutes spare in the day. Or perhaps the weather is stopping you getting out to play.

That’s where the Golf At Home digital coaching course becomes invaluable. Piers and Andy have designed this plan specifically for those who want to practice at home and get real, long-lasting results.

They’ve packed their videos full of their most effective tips, drills and techniques to improve your putting, chipping, distance off the tee and accuracy with your irons.

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  • All Levels
  • 5 courses
  • 5 lessons
Golf At Home

What You'll Need

  • What You'll Need
  • Golf clubs
  • Balls
  • Putting mirror recommended, but not essential

What You'll Learn

  • How to identify and ELIMINATE your swing faults at home
  • How to IMPROVE your putting with indoor putting drills
  • Drills to build CONSISTENCY and POWER in your swing
  • How to SIMPLIFY your chipping action and setup

5 Courses On Demand

Watch any time, any place - and work through them in your own time. You have complete control over your golf practice.

01 Indoor Putting Drills

Learn the home drills you can work on to improve your putting from home!

  • Indoor Putting Drills

02 Survival Home Golf Drills

Find out our favourite all-round drills to work on at home, with added strength, mobility and conditioning advice.

  • Survival Home Golf Drills

03 Creating Speed In The Golf Swing

In course 3, we show you how to add more speed to your swing with simple, but effective, home drills.

  • Creating Speed In The Golf Swing

04 Hitting Straighter Irons

Learn how to hit straighter iron shots with nothing more than your reflection and a club!

  • Hitting Straighter Irons

05 Home Chipping Drills

Dial in your chipping with the minimum of equipment, from the comfort of your own home.

  • Home Chipping Drills

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