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Slice To Draw


The Slice To Draw Coaching Plan is broken down into 4 parts of power-packed coaching. Each part is packed full with easy to follow instruction, drills and tips. It’s basically like we are right there with you on the practice range or course.

And here’s the best part…you can move at your own pace. You’ll always have access to the coaching plan to go back to. Get ready to experience a whole new way of learning!


  • All Levels
  • 4 courses
  • 17 lessons
Slice To Draw

What You'll Need

  • Golf clubs
  • Access to a practice area or driving range
  • Time for 2 practice sessions per week
  • Time to play a minimum of 9 holes each week

What You'll Learn

  • Exactly what causes your SOUL DESTROYING slice
  • How to master your SET UP to prepare for your new draw!
  • How to build a CONSISTENT BACKSWING that helps you avoid frustrating swing faults
  • How to train exactly what it takes to HIT A DRAW EVERY TIME
  • How to control the club face and ELIMINATE THE SLICE FOR GOOD

4 Courses On Demand

Watch any time, any place - and work through them in your own time. You have complete control over your golf practice.

01 Master The Setup

In this course, we show you how to you setup correctly from grip, to feet, to body - you’ll be ready to make a solid swing right out of the gate!

  • Introduction

  • Setup

  • Body Tilts and Ball Position

  • Practice

02 Perfect The Backswing

Course 2 is key to building a powerful backswing to avoid a slice. We cover common mistakes and how to get in the right positions for a better strike.

  • Introduction

  • Backswing

  • The Move Away

  • Complete The Backswing

  • Practice

03 Create The Curve

Course 3 is exactly what you’ve been looking for. We show you exactly how to create the coveted draw and produce it consistently every time!

  • Introduction

  • The Science Behind The Draw

  • How To Close The Face

  • Practice

04 Get On Plane

Course 4 brings it all together with some great training on the swing plane. We show you what to avoid and how to produce consistency by getting your club path on the right plane to produce amazing golf shots every time!

  • Introduction

  • The Over The Top

  • Playing The Draw

  • Practice

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