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    These courses are incredible. Picked up golf this season. I broke 100 for the first time after about 8 or 9 weeks, playing once per week. Thanks guys.

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    I can’t thank you boys enough for these coaching plans. I stumbled onto you guys on YouTube last year and started to take some of your tips to the range, because golf instruction here is about $80 to $100.00 dollars an hour. As a single dad I couldn’t justify spending that a few times a month, so I subscribed and started the Break 100! What a game changer that was for me, and now at 45 years old my swing speed has increased, and my consistency is almost there. This coaching plan has not only gotten me to break 100, I have broken 90 on a regular base from the back-tee boxes (can’t seem to get passed 86!!!). Hopefully this year I can save enough money to get fitted for new clubs, because these uni-flex hand me downs are making me think too much about my swing speed (need stiffer shafts). Come on Break 90!!! Thank you again boys and I will keep proving to my friend back here that the two boys form across the pond have shown me how to TAKE CHARGE OF MY GAME! V/r Dave Marsans

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    Jose R.

    Hi Andy & Piers, Geat plan, my game has improved a lot, especially the iron clubs, I have managed to break the 100 in training, but I still can not break the 100 officially, I do not have a driver I am using 3 wood to tee of on par 4 and 5 getting a little distance, but I'll get there, no longer slice, now I have to be careful with the hooks that are appearing from time to time, thank you very much for your fantastic work in helping me enjoy playing golf, I used to lose alot time to looking for and losing balls,about 6 balls per ronde now I can play without losing a single ball, in my case what I save in balls to use it to pay the well deserved monthly payment that I pay you, to which I thank you. Best regards.

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    I used to play off 9 but haven't really played for the last 10 years - now just getting back into it. I am struggling with any sense of consistency in my swing and hove found that the ball can go literally, and anywhere when playing anything more than a short pitch. The Break 100 Programme has been amazing for taking me back to some key fundamentals of the swing. I've found it has made my misses so much smaller and given me a lot more confidence when aiming at the target. The 'course management' and strategy elements are just brilliant - its a level of thought I didn't get too when I was playing before. Can't wait for the Break 90 next as I continue my journey back to single figure handicap status!

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    Great program! I started playing golf seriously 2 and a half years ago, and my scores hovered around 105 to 115, with 100 on a good day with some miracle 95's. After the 4th week, I was able to shoot an amazing 40 in the front 9 (but blew up in the back 9 with a 54) to score a 94, then followed up with another 95, then an 88! I know that I the stars did align for me to break 90, and that in normal circumstances I would have shot a 90 or 92 (had a lucky birdie putt and a bad drive that was saved by a lucky bounce), but I am confident that I am now going to consistently be able to break 100, thanks to your program. Now I am foaming at the bits to see your break 90 program! Best Regards, Kiyomi

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    Johnathan Heppner

    I will say this plan works, it happened to take me longer than 6 weeks but that had nothing to do with the structure or teaching in this plan. My work schedule and ability to get out and do the necessary drills and have time to get the practice i needed just wasn't there. But after 8 weeks I finally did break the 100 barrier, mind you I shot 97 and 98 and my next two rounds were 101 and 102 but I think if I had the time to dedicate to focusing on what Andy and Piers are teaching I'd be doing even better. Great plan and now that I have some solid groundwork done I'll slowly work towards getting under 90 with their next plan.

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    For a casual golfer who would pick up and drop golf for the few hot months we have a year, but who now wants to take things more seriously and better my game, this was the perfect course to get me going. The 'back to basics' approach allowed me to relearn how to swing a golf club, and lose my steep/over-the-top downswing. I now have much more consistent ball striking which a higher trajectory, and I have broken 100. Having a plan that could ensure you have a real focus on the range, and ultimately on the course, was the key to my short term success. I can't wait to try the rest of the courses to take my game to the next level!

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    Finally broke 100! I am so much more consistent now that I know what I am doing wrong! I love the drills and it made me enjoy golfing so much more! The videos are easy to follow and understand. Everything is easily duplicated in the practice range and course. The quality of the videos are unparalleled- you will not find better! It is super organized and enjoyable every step of the way! They also are so quick to answer any and all questions. So happy I found them! Thank you Piers & Andy and your amazing team! I am going to continue everything you showed me and eventually push to break 90!

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    Thanks for this plan guys. I did not break 100 yet, but went really close 101 and 103 in weeks 3 and 4. My last round was 108, but in a really windy conditions. Overall I got rid of slice with driver, gained almost full confidence with it. For hybrid there was a big improvement, but still some bad shots. I am still facing issues with my irons especially the longer ones, but I will keep on training and will buy the break 90 plan as soon as it is available. Thanks again for the good work. BTW do you have some tips for an exercise routine to do before to start a round to get your body ready?

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    Hi Andy & piers Well I have just done it !!!! 94 I am absolutely loving your new coaching plan, what a fantastic concept , with you both backing my corner this year will probably be my best year as I am now starting to play two rounds a week And two days on the driving range , I have never felt so confident on the course, as the mats in the driving range offer you forgiveness , thank you so much to both of you and I am so looking forward to week two of the coaching plan Thank you so much andy & piers. Yours sincerely David winter

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