Break 90 ULTRA Bundle

Are you ready to supercharge your improvement and smash straight past the 90 milestone all the way down into the 70s?
With the Break 90 ULTRA bundle, not only will you get access to the Break 90 plan, which has help thousands of golfers break 90 in a matter of weeks, but you’ll also get the coaching plan responsible for helping thousands of golfers achieve consistently ELITE scores: Break 80.

And it’s absolutely possible to break through both milestones into the 70s in as little as 12 weeks with these plans.

Not only that, you’ll get access to our specialist course management plan: Secrets to Lower Scores.

When you combine all three coaching plans, your scores will completely transform and you’ll play the best – and most enjoyable golf of your life!




  • 18 courses
  • 131 lessons
Break 90 ULTRA Bundle

What's Included

All Levels

Break 90

  • 7 courses
  • 49 lessons

No more average golf. Break 90 in weeks with our simple, tried-and-tested method.


Break 80

  • 6 courses
  • 44 lessons

Want to play golf at the highest level? Break 80 within weeks with our game-changing plan.


Secrets To Lower Scores

  • 5 courses
  • 38 lessons

Learn the simple secrets to lowering your scores instantly, without changing your swing!

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