Break 100 Bundle

The Break 100 bundle combines our two most effective coaching plans for helping higher handicappers and weekend warriors fulfil their golfing potential.

Break 100 + Slice to Draw will help you fix the most common issues affecting your game and radically transform your ability to shoot your lowest scores, round after round.

“I am into the 3rd week of break 100. I just finished playing 18 and shot an 88!!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!! You guys are AWESOME. Thank you so much” – Suren G

“Turned a consistent horrible slice into a consistent draw with both my 7 iron and driver in 3 x 1 hours (around 180 shots in total) practice sessions implementing the drills from this course in the sequence suggested, which I did in one day as I had the time. Amazing stuff guys.” – Jason Z

  • 10 courses
  • 57 lessons
Break 100 Bundle

What's Included


Break 100

  • 6 courses
  • 40 lessons

Discover the game-changing secrets and method to breaking 100 consistently and quickly

All Levels

Slice To Draw

  • 4 courses
  • 17 lessons

Build an effective, consistent swing that eliminates your slice within just 4 weeks

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