Total Driving

Total Driving is one of our most exciting coaching plans, giving you the simple tools and tips to bomb your drives longer and straighter than ever before – in just 5 short weeks.

With our online tuition and just 20 minutes of focused, effective practice each week, you’ll find yourself SMASHING your drives with more power and precision than you thought possible.

But one of the most important things this plan will give you is CONFIDENCE. Confidence when you step up onto the tee box. Confidence when you look down at the ball. Confidence when you start your swing. And confidence when you walk past your playing partners to get to your drive.

That will naturally mean lower scores, but it’ll also mean much more enjoyable golf. After all, golf should be fun!

“Absolutely incredible content guys! Literally after the first video and fixing my setup I’m bombing drives further than before and hitting so many more fairways. Thank you!!!” – Alex

“I can’t believe how much of a difference Week 1 made just working on my setup. Noticeably higher, straighter, further shots and I didn’t change anything about my swing at that point. I’ve watched all of the videos now, can’t wait to put the remaining weeks into play and see the results!” – Kristopher

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5 weeks
average 20 minutes/per week
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What You'll Learn

  • FIX your slice or hook FOREVER
  • Find more FAIRWAYS
  • CONSISTENTLY avoid the rough
  • Know how to DIAL in your DRIVER
  • What you can learn from RORY MCILROY and TIGER WOODS' driver swing
  • Our BEST DRIVING tips and drills
  • Nail the PERFECT set up for amazing drives
  • Create the PERFECT pre-shot routine
  • Create INSANE driver clubhead speed with a SMOOTH tempo
  • OPTIMISE the flight of your drives


  • Golf clubs and balls
  • Golf club head cover
  • Driving range, golf net or hitting area

Get ready to take your game to a whole new level

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