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Five Shots Lower

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Five Shots Lower

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01 Driving

Drive long and straight off the tee with confidence. Find out how you can generate more speed, power and distance than you thought you were capable of, all while driving the ball in a reliable straight line, on repeat.

  • Five Shots Lower - Driving

02 Iron Play

Puring your irons made easy. One simple concept and drill to change the way you hit your irons forever – and become one of the better ball strikers in your group.

  • Five Shots Lower - Iron Play

03 Pitching

Hit more greens with your wedges. This tip will help you overcome some of the trickiest shots in golf: pitches from around 50 yards. Practise this to get close more often than not.

  • Five Shots Lower - Pitching

04 Chipping

A game-changing concept for chipping. This tip will introduce a concept that has changed the chipping of many of our students and members for the better – producing great shots even if you don’t get completely clean contact.

  • Five Shots Lower - Chipping

05 Putting

Avoid the dreaded 3-putt. One of the biggest killers of decent scorecards is putting. This tip will massively help you with dialling in your pace control on the greens and holing more of the ones you think you should.

  • Five Shots Lower - Putting

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