The main reason your driver swing is so INCONSISTENT!

There are so many reasons why your driver swing may be inconsistent.

However, what we find is that most amateur golfers are trying to correct the wrong things, which only makes things worse. Sometimes you don’t need to work on the fancy things in the golf swing.

It can be simple changes that can make a big difference and this lesson ultimately proves that.

In this week’s YouTube video we breakdown why your grip could be the cause of all your driver inconsistencies.

How you hold the club has a direct impact on how you present the club face to the ball at impact, and so often we see people who slice the ball have a weak grip.

A weak grip really can kill any chance you have of good ball striking, and when we say weak grip, we mean like you see below. The club sits more in the palm than the fingers and you can’t see any knuckles or the glove logo on the lead hand.

When you grip the club like this with your lead hand, the trail hand tends to creep over the top of the grip, and this combination really inhibits your ability to make a good swing. It limits your wrist movement, opens the club face and your hands and arms have a much harder time of working with your body.

You should be able to see at least two knuckles on your lead hand when you look down at your club, this is a great way to check your hand is in the correct place. The image below is what you’re aiming for.

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