EFFORTLESS Golf Swing – This Tempo Drill Makes The Golf Swing Feel So EASY!

If you want a golf swing that feels effortless and achieves maximum results, then you need to watch the video linked below.

In this video we share with you the biggest mistake we see in so many golf swings and provide you with a tempo drill that trains that perfectly effortless golf swing.

Make sure you watch the full video, but for now, we’ll give you quick breakdown of the drill and how to set it up.

Before we begin, it’s super important you understand the difference between “club head speed” and “swing speed”. We like to define them as-

“Club head speed”– How fast the club head is travelling when we strike the ball. Measured in MPH.

“Swing speed”– How long it takes to complete a full swing. Measured in seconds.

In order to increase your distance, the focus should be placed on club head speed, and sometimes its actually better to decrease your swing speed if it enables you to create a more stable and consistent swing.

Typically we see the people with a fast swing speed are the players who swing mostly using their arms. You should switch your focus to swinging more from your torso, and as a result your swing speed will increase, but as will your club head speed as you use more of your body to generate power in the downswing.

The 2 second tempo drill

When hitting shots, make a conscious effort to count to 2 during the backswing, and take those 2 seconds to get a wide turn in your backswing. Using your torso and shoulders, whilst creating separation from the hips.

The counting interrupts the patterns you have in your swing, and helps ingrain the feeling of this new motion.

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