Why You SHOULDN’T Clear Your Hips In The Golf Swing

In golf there has always been a huge obsession with clearing your hips in the golf swing.

Whilst it looks really impressive when you see the tour pros doing it on TV, there are a few reasons why amateur golfers shouldn’t always clear their hips in the golf swing.

Today, we’re breaking down those reasons.

Firstly, you definitely don’t want to be working on clearing your hips if you’re the type of golfer who struggles with a slice. Clearing the hips actually delays the club in the downswing, and opens up the club face at impact, which will negatively contribute to your already open club face as someone who slices the ball.

Instead, as a slicer, you would want to aim to have very quiet hips, as this encourages the hands to be more active throughout the swing. Meaning that the hands are more likely to turn over through impact and square the club face.

The second instance where you shouldn’t be clearing your hips is if you have a swing that is over-the-plane, also known as ‘over the top’.

When you clear the hips through the downswing it also encourages the club face to move forward and the swing path out-to-in. This will make the swing more over-the-plane and therefore exaggerate the existing issue.

So what can you do to combat this? Check out the YouTube video below for the solutions and a brilliant little drill to help you when you practice.

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