3 of Rickie Fowler’s awesome chipping tips you NEED to try

In this week’s YouTube video we had the pleasure of catching up with 5 time PGA Tour winner Rickie Fowler.

We challenged him to an up and down short game competition, and took the opportunity to find out what he’s thinking when he stands over a challenging chip shot.

So today we’re passing on his tips and tricks when it comes to chipping.

1. Choose your landing zone, and play to that. Rickie rightly points out that too often golfers become obsessed with looking at the chip shot as a whole, and because of this they can easily get sucked into thinking they have to chip the ball all the way to the hole.

Choose your landing zone, and use the club that’ll play the best shot to get you there. After that, let the green do the work for you.

2. Move your practice around the green. In our time with Rickie he told us that he prefers to practice his short game while moving around the green and playing shots from different locations.

He said the 50+ shots from the same spot on the green can be helpful when you need to practice something mechanically in your swing.

But beyond this, he prefers to move about and switch it up between chip shots and then putting those balls to try and get them in.

This makes so much sense, because it helps to simulate course conditions while you’re practicing so we’d definitely recommend this to all of you guys if you aren’t doing this already!

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3. Play the percentages. Rickie likes to evaluate each chip and play the one that’ll have the least negative impact if he doesn’t quite pull it off.

For example, in one shot we watched, he decided to fly the ball into the slope and he did this because he knew that if it came up a little short then it would still have a chance of rolling closer.

Instead of flying the ball all the way to the hole which had more potential to go wrong if he didn’t hit it exactly how he wanted it.

If you want to know how Rickie did in the challenge that we set him, then be sure to check out the video below.

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