The Truth About The Hands In the Golf Swing – David Woods

Our hands are the only thing connected to the golf club so they obviously play a huge part in the swing. Most people however, overlook what they are doing, focusing on the bigger, more obvious to the eye movements.

These bigger movements are often influenced by what the hands are doing so if we can get these good, it’s so much easier to get the rest working. 

David Woods is a PGA Professional and Director of Golf at The Vintage Club in Palm Desert California. David has coached numerous Touring professionals and is very passionate about improving amateur golfers. He’s also the co-creator of the successful “Plane Mate” training aid and his latest invention is the ProSendr which is all about creating great wrist angles to help you deliver the club more consistently at impact.

Today he shares what he has learned over the years about how golfers can best use their hands to create a more consistent repeatable ball flight and contact.

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