Stop Back Pain And Inconsistency In The Golf Swing

What Causes Back Pain In The Golf Swing?

The Reverse Spine golf swing fault is one of the biggest causes of a poor inefficient golf swing and also puts a lot of strain on the lower back, because of this strain it is one of the biggest causes of lower back pain.

The Reverse Spine Golf Swing Fault

The Reverse Spine swing fault causes the spine to tilt towards the target at the top of the back swing, this makes it very difficult for the lower body to start the down swing, we often see the upper body start the down swing out of sequence causing miss hits and iratic golf shots.

Reverse Spine Golf Swing Fault

Members watch video here on reverse spine fault.

To fix the Reverse Spine swing fault you need to get the feeling of the spine tilting away from the target at the top of the back swing.

The Reverse Spine is really difficult to change so its important to exaggerate the tilting of the spine away form the target, one of the best drills for this is the Turn and Stretch.

The Turn and Stretch Golf Drill.

The Turn and Stretch drill is a great drill to fix your reverse spine.  Start by simply hold a golf club or alignement stick the way I’m holding the Orange Whip with your tail hand.  

Turn and Stretch Golf Drill 1

Then make sure you keep looking at the ball as you then reach for it with your lead arm, straight away you will feel the stretch in the body as your spine tilts away from the target.  You will also feel a loading of your stomach muscles which is exactly what you want as it means your abdominals are working and taking the strain off your lower back, really exaggerate this feeling.  

Turn and Stretch Golf Drill 2

You can do the drill whilst on the range and ideally between shots for maximum improvement.  Also try practicing this drill at home in-front of a mirror, notice the straight line from my hip pointing away from the target.  It will take a good few range sessions to change this pattern in you back swing but once you start to see changes your score card and your back will thank you for it.

To see more drills to fix your reverse spine swing fault click here.

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