How we turned Trevor’s hook into a draw in just ONE lesson

In this week’s live lesson we worked with Trevor on getting rid of his hook. Before his lesson he thought some big swing changes would be needed to hit the ball straighter, but we managed to do it by tweaking just three things. Let’s go through them.

First, let’s go through how different kinds of ball flights are created. Any ball flight you can think of is the result of the swing path and club face alignment at impact. So, for a hook like Trevor was hitting, his club face was pointing left of the target, but his swing path was in to out, meaning he was swinging out to the right of his target.

Looking at his FlightScope data, his swing path was drastically right of the target and the club face was aiming considerably left at impact. To get him to hit it straighter, we needed to work on getting both of those figures closer to 0. In this case 0 means a neutral swing path through the impact zone and a square club face at impact.

Club Face Alignment

In order to get Trevor’s club face more square at impact we actually worked on how it looked when he initially addressed the ball. He was setting up to the ball with his club head closed a little as he was over-compensating for a slice that he used to have. Once we explained the effect the club face can have on the curvature of his shot he realised this needed to be changed without us even telling him.

Trevor was also a fan of hovering the ball at address when he’s hitting his driver. But in order to get the club head sitting correctly, we got him to rest it on the grass at address and look at how the club sat on the turf naturally. This is because the club is designed to sit square.

Once he got the club in the correct position on the floor he could then grip the club, hover and proceed to hit his shot as normal. It may seem like such a simple fix, but things like club head alignment and grip should never be over-looked when it comes to trying to straighten a ball flight.

Swing Path

To correct Trevor’s swing path was even easier! From his set up we could see his feet were aiming too far right of the target, his shoulders were more neutral but again they were aiming to the right. All we did to correct this was put some alignment sticks down that pointed to the target and got Trevor to setup to the ball. This instantly brought his swing path closer to 0, and it was something as simple as his initial aim that was causing the swing path out to the right.

These two really simple changes worked wonders in getting Trevor’s ball flight straighter and correcting the hook shot that he was really struggling with. If you’ve loved these first two coaching points then be sure to check out the full video below to see the third one.

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