We often hear about weight shift or weight transfer in the golf swing but time and time again we see golfers confused about how our weight actually moves. The high majority of touring professionals will transfer some weight to their trail leg during the backswing and this helps load the muscles to then fire in the down swing to help produce power and an efficient delivery to the golf ball.

Understanding how that weight is transferred is key to allow you to produce the correct movement.  Many golfers “try” and shift weight in the back swing and this often leads to a poor lower body movement causing a sway.

Instead of thinking about “shifting” weight, think about your trail hip being anchored as you wind up your torso against it. You will not only feel your weight move but you will also create a stretch between the upper and lower body ready to fire as you start the down swing. Here your weight will move as a result of the torso rotating rather than any shift of the lower body.


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  1. Charlespatton

    Andy and Piers.

    First love your webside.

    I am working on my backwards swing. I know that it is important not to allow the weight to move outside of the right foot, however, I do feel some l…

    1. Andy

      Hi Charles. Really glad you like the website. You are going to hopefully love the improvements we have planned for this year. To answer your question. We don’t really want any lateral movement during …

  2. sam08dcfc

    Andy and Piers,

    Just a quick question, this week i went on a pressure mat and it showed that when i shifted my weight in the backswing my weight went to the front of right of my right foot (right h…

    1. Andy

      Hi Sam. Thanks for the question. It sounds like your hips will not be doing a good job of rotating. You would possibly be swaying also. Take a look at the Sway videos and there will be some fixes in t…

  3. Tommy

    Should I be able to see my lead foot at top of backswing?

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Tommy great question, the only way you could see the lead foot is if you have a lot of torso rotation and/or you’re really flexible or your back swing is vert short. So no you shouldn’t normally s…

  4. james

    How much do you allow the left hip to turn on the backswing. Do you keep the hip joint “tense” or just keep a natural level of restriction (in other words, allow a pivot, but don’t let the right hip …

    1. Andy

      Hi James. Great question. That all depends on what you are struggling with in terms of ball flight or contact etc. Yes we want a certain amount t of movement from the lead hip and train hip. In the ba…

      1. james

        Thanks Andy.

        1. Andy

          Pleasure James!

  5. David T.

    I like to setup at address with my weight 80/20 trail leg / lead leg to help get the transfer moving is this okay as long as I make sure to transfer left on the downswing? Any negatives to presettong …

    1. Andy

      Hi David. If you find it works then that is absolutely fine. It will certainly help you create more time to square the face up. Is it working for you?