Do you have a Reverse Spine Angle?

A Revers Spine Angle is when the torso leans excessively towards the target at the top of the back swing. This Swing Fault is often linked with the Sway and makes it very difficult to initiate the down swing with the lower body due the unusual relationship with the upper body. The upper body tends to dominate the down swing and often leads to swing plane issues, (usually the “Over The Top”) which is one of the biggest causes of the slice. This also puts a lot of tension on the lower back and is one of the biggest causes of back pain in golf.


Possible causes

  1. Poor concept – Poor understanding of swing path/golf swing. Golfers sometimes tend move the club too straight back in the back swing which limits rotation and forces the body to tilt towards the target.
  2. Physical limitations – Poor hip mobility/ Poor disassociation/ Poor spine mobility/ weak core

To find out have a Reverse Spine Angle and multiple ways to fix it visit the video vaults section on our website.

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  1. Peter french

    Piers i beleive i suffer from a reverse tilt under pressure. Normall ive found that this due a lateral body take back eg not turning . In all the fixes I sourced this is never mentioned, Can you under…

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