• Waiters Tray

    Fix your Open Club Face with this great drill.

  • Open Club Face Fix

    Do you struggle with an open club throughout your backswing and at impact? Struggling with the dreaded slice? Fix your open club face for good with this simple drill that will fix your open club face and slice in minutes! 

  • Palm On The Wall

    Fix your open club face with this simple drill.

  • You Can’t Get ...

    A lot of players want to open the hips more, to create more power in the golf swing but if your club face is open you will run into a lot of difficulties, this video shows you how to get your club face square first.

  • Trail Arm Shoulder D...

    This video will fix your slice by fixing the “Over The Top” swing fault and squaring the club face at impact.

  • Alignment Stick Gate...

    Alignment sticks are a great tool to help you get back on plane.  In this video we show you how to use an alignment stick to fix the under the plane swing fault.

  • Lead Wrist Flat

    Do you have the “Chicken Wing” swing fault?  This is a great drill that will help you to eliminate the “Chicken Wing” for good.

  • Elbow Squeeze

    Strike it pure and improve your ball flight with this drill that focuses on fixing the Chicken Wing Swing Fault.

  • Early Extension Swin...

    Fix your Early Extension swing fault with this video.