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Mike F.

“Just had my auto-renewal process for Me and My Golf. It’s been 5 great years of content and interaction. 

I am sure year 6 will be even bigger and better. Thanks as always to Andy Proudman and Piers Ward for all of the upfront work but an equally big thanks to all of the staff behind the scenes.”

C J B.

“Was stuck at a HCP 10 for a while and never broke 80, felt like I had plateaued. Granted I wasn’t training the way I should, but then I did the chipping plan and started the Break 80 plan — just to give my limited range time some purpose — I’ve now broken 80 twice in a short time. Take that for what it’s worth. Me and My Golf is easily accessible, easy to understand, easy to implement”

Sean K.

“Awesome plan! Been out the game for around 6 years and started to play again. Followed the Break 80 plan and today had a 76!! Over the moon – here is to pushing on and getting even better. Thank you so much!”

“I’ve been breaking 100 consistently and have added distance to all my clubs this season.”

“So thankful for Me and My Golf and its impact on my game. Prior to this year, I was lucky to hit my driver 185 yards, and usually did so with a massive slice. I was consistently super short on the rest of my clubs.
Thanks to the Break 100 and Total Driving courses, however, I’ve been breaking 100 consistently (I golf 1-2x/week) and have added distance to all my clubs this season. 

And not only am I averaging 234 yards from the tee, but just this morning I hit my driver a legit 270 yards down the middle.
Thanks for making the game of golf even more fun with your clear and helpful videos and drills. I’m a fan!”


Rob T.

More Member Love

Thanks for you guys getting me to take a different outlook on my game! Not only putting but for all other areas of my game as well!

Piers D.

Yesterday I managed a 78 which ties my all time low score thanks to a backswing drill from Andy’s last livestream to get my backswing steeper and avoid the over the top and the dreaded slice. Let the road to scratch golf continue 💪🏻 🏌️‍♂️

David S.

I just wanted to say that I broke 100 for the first time!!!! Thanks in large part to your coaching plan – after finishing the program I have seen significant in my game, it’s unbelievable. I followed the program to the tee and it worked. I will be doing every single program on your site. I’m a subscriber for life!!!

Omar P.

Just wanted to say thanks and let you know I hit 99 for the first time in my medal on Friday. Ended up winning my division with that score. Appreciate all the help and content across here and your other platforms. Greatly appreciated!

Michael C.

I scored 90 for the first time ever yesterday. Can’t thank Me And My Golf enough. For the first time ever my handicap came down to 19 – chopped 6 shots off my handicap in 5 months

Dave J.

Last week I was duck hooking everything off the tee. Watched the initial video for the new Total Driving plan and after about 5 minutes I bombed it 250+ yards. Piers and Andy dropping knowledge bombs for us all. 

Kevin S.

Amazing plan! Broke 90 just 2 weeks into the season! Thanks guys!! Now to Break 80….

Alex W.

1 year and 8 months after my first round I shot an 88 today. 5 pars, 1 birdie. Thank you Me And My Golf for being part of the journey!

Kyle P.

This is what Me And My Golf will do to you:  – Hit driver straight, controlled with distance ✅– Short game going well ✅ Shot a 47 on 9 today (just broke 100 for the first time about a month ago) – If my irons would have been playing normal the 47 would have looked like a 40 or better 😯Amazing at how the videos and this group have helped me to get to the point where when I struggle I still shoot under 50 on 9!

Joe F.

4 weeks into the Break 100 roadmap. Last round I broke 100 and scored 96 – with my first birdie – and today scored 95! You’ve got to love seeing progress.

Jake W.

Haven’t been able to hit a driver in about 6 years and decided to join. Now I can hit my driver once again – the tips and driving plan have really helped. Great coaching plan and I’m looking at some of the others as well – would highly recommend!

Dominic C.

I’m 5 weeks into the membership and the Break 90 coaching plan. I’ve now carded several rounds below 90.The lessons are easy to understand and the sequence is well thought out. The drills are clear and really do work.Happy to have the paid membership rather than randomly surfing YouTube.Highly recommend.


“Oh my god I can’t stop crying!!!”

“I did it…

I broke 100 for the first time in a comp!!”


Oh my god I can’t stop crying!!

Thank you Piers and Andy!

I DID IT!!!!!


Jenni A.