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You Can’t Get Open If You’re Open

A lot of players want to open the hips more, to create more power in the golf swing but if your club face is open you will run into a lot of difficulties, this video shows you how to get your club face square first.


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  1. Aussiecanuck

    G’Day Lads, very good points regarding trying to open your hips but also what to consider with your club face, while trying to achieve this.

    Do you have any advice or recommend any videos within th…

    1. Andy

      Hi Brendon. Sorry for the late reply on this, for some reason it went into a different folder. Regarding your hips, if you are limited in range of motion then a great recommendation is to “flare” out …

  2. George T.

    Great video Piers and Andy. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks, George

    1. Andy

      Thanks George. Glad you enjoyed it.