Swing Not Attack

Piers and Andy discuss the transition of the golf swing. Learn how to really get the right tempo and control in your swing while on the course. 

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  1. Andreas

    This is exactly how my game is, and has been for many years. It got so frustrating that I even took a break from golf for five years ( but now I am back at it, of course). And I am now experiencing th…

  2. AndyP

    Fully concur and great to hear. What used to be (and still is on occation) my full swing, on video, is a massive overswing. Dialing it down to 80% as you say has not lost me distance, but it’s gaine…

    1. Andy

      Hi Andy. Yes it feels very strange but crazy how it works! Keep it up and get control of that back swing length too. That will really help.

  3. Andy

    Was playing crap a few days ago on the course and thought about this video particularly the drives. One thing from the video that seemed fairly easy to do and check whilst playing was the “hold the f…

    1. Andy

      Hi Andy. That’s great! Really happy to hear that it has helped your driving! Please let us know if you have any questions and we will look at doing a video for you.

  4. GMadden33

    Man – This is me for sure. Just started watching your videos now that I’ve retired and can play often (finally). Looking forward to getting more comfortable on the course. Thanks so much.

  5. Randy Lange

    This is me too. I tend to “rush” down from the top with hands and arms instead of being patient and letting my lower half do the work and being the “engine”. When I let the body to the work and the …

    1. Andy

      Hi Randy. Hope this helps your downswing. Leet us know how it goes.



      1. Randy Lange

        Thanks Andy. Will report back.

        1. Andy

          Thanks Randy.

  6. OCandmdubs

    Guys –

    Sorry that this ends up being on a more than year old video, but I just wanted to say this website is the greatest thing ever. I don’t have as much time as I would like to practice and bein…

    1. Andy

      Hi Dennis. Thanks for the comment. Great to hear that the website is helping you. Glad this video was beneficial to you also. Keep up the great work and let us know if you have any questions.


  7. john M.

    This was actually a question I had in mind and I’m glad this video clears that up for me. Great work!!

    1. Andy

      Great John. Glad this was useful.



  8. Gergely H.

    This video helped me so much ! Keep up the great work guys !

    1. Piers Ward

      Thanks so much!!


    1. Andy P.

      Thanks Alan. Hope this helps.