Stick Lead Side

Are you struggling with poor contact and possibly a high ball flight?  This may be because you have the ‘hanging back’ swing fault.  By using a simple alignment stick you could fix your ‘hanging back’ swing fault and get a pure ball flight, watch this video to see how.

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  1. Laupi

    Cool. This is a wonderful drill and it really help me to get in more clean contact. Thank you very much for posting it. You are my heroes.

    1. Andy

      Great. Glad this was useful. Let us know how the practice goes.



  2. NormanJohn

    Fantastic. Great drill, thanks for this.
    When you talk about sway and shift (sway being bad/undesirable) what is the mental image to hold when working on these, to prevent it going bad, ie. is there …

    1. Andy

      Hi Norman. Thanks for the question. If it’s ok we would like to answer this in the next month’s Q&A with some visuals etc? It will make more sense too that way.



  3. MichaelFT

    Nice video!

    Question- how do you this, but avoid too much lateral sway? What is the difference?

    Can’t lateral sway forward lead to all sorts of swing problems?

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Michael thanks for your kind words and great question. The trick is too make sure you rotate your hips almost simultaneously. We ideally want the down swing to start with a bump laterally to the …


    Hi guys, I’ve been working on a few of your tips. Really like the one where you knock the ball off the tee in your back swing. I’ve hit some quality shots doing that. However my biggest swing fault se…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the question. Glad you like the drills. Yes this can be a common problem. We usually see that the Hanging Back is from someone trying to protect the shot from going right. If you can get th…

      1. THE PUDGE

        Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. I usually hit my iron shots left. Im getting the club face closed but when I hang back like i do, the ball goes dead left. When I hit a good shot i tend to see a bit of …

        1. Andy

          If you are hitting it left and hanging back then focusing on getting the weight more to the lead side will certainly help. Yes it can be a frustrating thing when that happens. Have you filmed your swi…

  5. simonpoulter83

    Hi guys

    I hang back with my upper body only: my hips bump nicely to target at transition, but my head and upper body stay back. I hit a lot of fat shots, and my strike pattern is out of the heel (d…

    1. simonpoulter83

      Further to my previous comment, on further video review it looks like the problem might stem from ball position (too far back). My pivot looks good, but I’ve then got no room to move forward and sti…

      1. Andy

        Hi Simon. This will certainly help move you forward and help square the face at Impact. What we would say if it continues is to double check your club face in your back swing too so you and ready and …

    2. Andy

      Hi Simon. Thanks for the comment. One question I have first is what is your ball flight and what is your bad shot directionally?



  6. Mattias S.

    I find this drill verry usfull and effective, BUT i now topp the ball instead.
    Any advice?

    1. Andy

      You need to make sure you still get the pressure on to the lead leg and your focus should be on hitting the ground after the ball. ground contact is so key when doing this drill as long as it’s past t…

  7. Matt Pilling

    I am very sure that this is the root of all my iron shots. after reviewing all my videos of my shots I can see a lack of weight on my front foot. I will let you know how it goes😊

    1. Andy P.

      Ok Matt, keep us posted.