Shake Hands With The Target

Fix your open club face with this easy drill and stop slicing the golf ball forever.

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  1. Gord

    Good Morning Guys
    I’ve been working on closing the face to fix my push. I’ve been doing this drill a lot with success. Although whenever i go up a club the face seems to open up again is this just du…

    1. Piers Ward

      Good morning, if you’re still loosing the ball out to the right with the longer clubs then it is just a case of exaggerating the same move and working it more. It is harder the longer the club gets b…

      1. Gord

        Thanks Piers. I like the drill just not patient enough I guess (only 3 months until the snow melts) I’ll carry on through the bag.

    2. Andy

      Hi Gord. We would suggest you change up the clubs a lot when you practice. You want to make sure you still do it with the lower lofts. You may just need to exaggerate the shake hands and feel like the…

  2. David Fletcher

    I found this drill really helpful to close the face down at impact

    1. Andy P.

      Great to hear David.