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Questions and Answers – April 2019

In this video we answer your questions and answers from the month of April 2019.  Some of the subjects covered are Grip Pressure, Weight Distribution, Golf Ball Advice and Hanging Back with an Early Release.


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  1. MARCUS P.

    How many rounds can you play with the same golf ball (assuming you don’t lose it!) and can a ball “die” without you knowing by sight

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Marcus great question, really don’t want to be going past 5 rounds with the ball but if you can make it past that then great! Tour players used to change the old balls every hole!!! They’ve come on…

  2. Joe F.

    Newly joined and really enjoying the content. The problem is that now I want to work on the game a ton! Like many, I don’t have enough course time to work as much as I’d like. What are the top 3…

    1. Andy

      Hi Joe. Thanks so much for signing up. We are excited to have to have you here. Great questions too and that really depends on what you are looking to improve in your game. It may be a club face, back…

      1. Joe F.

        At the moment a little bit of face and a little bit of path. I fight a hook that starts on target and ends left (admittedly sometimes it’s an ugly low snap hook 😂 ) and a push fade which starts…

        1. Andy

          Hi Joe. Yes a 2 way miss is hard. If you want to avoid the hook because that’s the most destructive shot then if you can get the face more open so you are only missing right, you can then bring the pa…

  3. tcallahan17

    Hi Piers, Andy,

    I have been experimenting with different levels of grip pressure. I have found that when I lighten the pressure, I often experience improved ball striking. The downside is, I’m having…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the comment. One question we would ask is.. Are you feeling it loose through the ball? If so then it won’t be the grip pressure, it will be an off centre hit that causes the club to twist. …

      1. tcallahan17

        Hi Andy – in response to your comment, the grip feels most loose on the downswing right before impact. I often feel my hands instinctively clenching the club tighter a fraction of a second before impa…

        1. Andy

          Have you tested your strike to see if that is an issue? We usually see this as a main problem rather than the grip. You can get some “strike spray” or even foot spray from the chemist to see. It’s wor…