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Q and A – December 18

Watch our final Q and A of 2018 from December. 


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  1. Ian

    Here’s a weird suggestion: Try your golf swing on a hot sea-water pool. Here’s why you might want to try this and what the potential benefits could be.

    In a hot sea-water pool you weigh a lot less …

    1. Andy

      Hi Ian. We have done the movements in a pool before and it really challenges the balance for sure. If anyone gets change to do that they will certainly feel some interesting things happen. Thanks for …

  2. Aaron S.

    I am getting stuck in my takeaway as well as my back swing.
    I feel like I am reverse pivoting, and my left arm feels stiff, hindering me being able to make a full turn and to have good wrist hinge. …

    1. Andy

      Hi Aaron. How is the tension and what are you thinking about in your back swing? If you are trying to keep your arm straight then make sure your wrists are soft first to allow this to happen. It is al…

      1. Aaron S.

        I have too much going on in my head, but to answer your question, the main thing is my takeaway. I’m either going straight back then pushing shots to the right, or too far inside, causing my left si…

        1. Andy

          Hi Aaron. Just remember that we don’t don’t want the club to go “straight back”. They key is getting the right arc and the club will always move in from the target line in the back swing. Is the issue…

          1. Aaron S.

            I had a friend record my swing from the side view.
            I was taking the club more back than inside. I wasn’t able to make a good turn after the club reached my trail hip.
            Left arm was too straight a…

          2. Andy

            Hi Aaron. Thanks for the message. Keeping the golf swing fairly relaxed and making sure the arc and face are good will take tension. out of the swing and allow your body to really move in a better way…

  3. Steven B.

    Another great videos guys. and a happy new year.

    problem I am having is trying to take the divot after hitting the ball! About 9 time out of 10 im hitting high up on the ball and not managing to g…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Steven Happy New Year and thanks so much for your kind words. The best thing for you to do is to look at our Video Series Strike your Irons Pure which is in Video Vaults Coaching Series tab, you’l…

  4. mcenter

    Good stuff fellas. Wish the weather in Belgium was as you have it there. Question. Can you give us some in-door/house drills to be doing in the cold season when we can’t get out on the course? Wha…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi James, this is something we wanted to get done December but the weather got us believe it or not! We will be releasing some in February. The best thing I can recommend for the short term is test a…

  5. RClark83686

    Great Q&A. Last fall, I incorporated the slight heel lift at takeaway and having the initial thought of driving that heel back into the ground really helps me. I did have to learn to rotate and …

    1. Piers Ward

      Happy New Year Randy, great that you’re looking at your nutrition especially in those Idaho summers! Massively overlooked for sure. Keep up the great work and have a great year!

      Thanks Piers

  6. marksm1971yahoocouk

    Hi guys, you have helped me with a lot of my golf thanks. One question I have, with my grip, I used to have an overlap, but for some reason a while back I tried out an interlink which seems to work we…

    1. Andy

      Hi Mark. Thanks for the question. Between those grips it is really down to personal preference. We always say go with what ever works. If the interlock works better then stick with it.



  7. Johnhush

    I’m 35 yrs old and was hitting the clubs as per below distance but all of sudden I lost atleast 15-20 yards….. pls advice what could be tge issue.

    Below are carry distance
    Pitch – before 130 a…

    1. Andy

      Hi John. Thanks for the message. Things to consider are… The weather and cold could have an effect on the distance. You may also be presenting too much loft at impact so your club face may be a litt…