Match Up

Fix your “Reverse Spine” swing fault with this great drill “Match Up”.

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  1. cnolan33

    Random question totally unrelated to this video…have you guys ever done or ever thought of doing a piece on fitness/stretching related to golf. Maybe even share what you guys do. Pre-game nutritio…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the question. We are planning on adding a fitness section to our website very soon. It’s a key ingredient to consistent golf. Thanks for the suggestion.


  2. Jeffrey

    Is an over rotation a similar fault to the reverse spin tilt? If I do this drill I find that the alignment stick against my chest rotates ~30 degrees past being parallel with the alignment stick on t…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Jeffrey yes if you over rotate in your back swing you will have a high chance of crating a Reverse Spine, this is why the Match Up drill works so well, by rotating 30 degrees past you can potential…

  3. Zntrd1

    Hi guys,
    I’d like to know what moves first: hip, hands or hip-hands at same time.


    1. Piers Ward

      Hi thanks for your comment, in the down swing we want to start from the ground up so feet, hips, torso, arms, hands and then club. The back swing is kind of reverse.

      I hope that makes sense, thanks…