How To Stay Relaxed Over The Golf Ball

Staying relaxed over the golf ball is so important to produce consistently good golf shots.  In this video we show you our tips to make sure your body is ready to create a smooth golf swing.

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  1. rkrnamburigmailcom

    Sir please explain type of clubs and correct selection of clubs for various distances and for chirping and putting.
    Also correct length of clubs for individuals of more than 6 foot

    1. Andy

      Thanks fort the comment. Have you measured how far they go on the golf course. Do you know for instance how far the 7 iron goes or where you just on about Chipping?



  2. Michael Dickinson

    Getting too tense is something I struggle with, when I do remember to relax my ball striking improves massively.
    Are there any good videos on starting takeaway (the first second)? With my irons, I ten…

    1. Andy

      Hi Michael. Thanks for the question. Make sure you take a look in the Swing Faults section. You will find the “Disconnected Move away.” There are some videos to help in there.



  3. Nick v.

    Hi Andy, anywhere I can find further advice/drills on improving swing tempo in addition to staying relaxed at address?


    1. Andy P.

      Hi Nick. Type in “tempo” in the search bar at the top and you will see a few videos come up for you.