Golf Swing Move Away Drill

Want to perfect your backswing? A good backswing will help to correct your SLICE. This weeks impact show demonstrates a drill that will help improve the takeaway move in the golf swing, resulting in more pure iron and driver shots.

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  1. binghamj3

    Hello guys,
    The famous golfer who uses this drill is Rory McIlroy.

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the comment. It is Padraig Harrington.


  2. Doug Campbell

    Any plans on making videos to increase shot distances?

    1. Andy

      Hi Doug. Yes we can do. What specifically are you looking for? We do have some videos on it already in the Driving Video Vault.



    2. Piers Ward

      Hi Doug thanks so much for your question, have you seen our Go Long Coaching Plan? This is a great Coach…

      1. Doug Campbell

        Thanks, I have not seen the go long plan I will check it out

        1. Doug Campbell

          One problem I have is I can increase distance with irons up to 6 iron around 190yds but from the 5 to the 3 I can only hit those 192 to 195 on average only difference I notice is flight trajectory

          1. Piers Ward

            Hi Doug, obviously the Go Long plan will help on driving and irons some what but what your experiencing is very common, a lot of golfers struggle to hit the long irons further in the air. The best re…

        2. Piers Ward

          Thanks Doug, let me know any questions.


  3. stuartrolls

    Podraig Harrington

    1. Piers Ward

      Brilliant there you have it well done! ?

      Thanks Piers

  4. Lavireddy

    Thanks for all your great videos.. Do you have a video that “breaks down” the back swing piece by piece? I’m very new to golf and in terms of concept have learned that the shaft needs to be parallel t…

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi thanks for your comment, first quick comment from me would be that when the club shaft is parallel to the ground we would like it lead arm straight but the trail arm we would like to have some bend…

  5. Reesway1


  6. Chris-g

    Great vid and I’m getting myself in good positions on the way back but at the very top of my swing the face is really shut and looking at the sky… do you have any suggestions to help with this…

    1. Andy

      Hi Chris. Thanks for the question. If you take a look in the “closed club face” swing fault or the “back swing” video vault you will see some videos in there to help. You may need to check the grip t …