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Go Long Part 1

Wish you had 10-20 more yards off the tee? Learn exactly what causes more distance and then how to execute. 


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  1. William

    Do you have any videos that are dedicated to woods/hybrids/long irons? Seem to a be a little different that mid/short irons, requires more extension. Is there anything we can do to hit those longer cl…

  2. Luis

    Are you talking about topspin, backspin or sidespin in spin rate?

    1. Andy

      Hi Luis. The ball only ever spins back. What causes the ball to curve is when it’s axis is tilted.

  3. Kevin

    What is the spray you use on the driver to see the impact spot?

    1. Andy

      It is actually foot spray Kevin from the Pharmacy. Works great!

  4. Johan

    Hi, I’m wondering the same thing as William. Do you have a dedicated fairway wood series?

    1. Andy

      Hi Johan. We don’t but that is a great idea. I will discuss with Piers about doing one.

  5. rdekruse

    Here are some of my stats with the driver. I’m feeling like the backspin is too high. Any tips on bringing that down? Thanks!

    Club speed 110mph
    Launch angle 11.9
    Backspin 2873 rpm

    1. Piers Ward

      Hi Robbie

      Thank you so much for your question, ok looking at these numbers they seem pretty good but you’re right the spin is a little high.

      You need to start with equipment –
      Low spinning ball

      1. rdekruse

        Thanks for the reply! Huge help

        1. Andy

          Pleasure Robbie!



  6. Madhavi Kuchimanchi

    My 11y old son has a push on his driver all the time. And he hits 150-170 yards max. He is looking to increase his driver distance by 10-20 yards. I don’t know if he will understand all the thechnic…

    1. Andy

      Thanks for the comment. One question we would ask is.. Is he doing any speed training at all? By that I mean swinging something lighter much faster than a golf club? Also is he doing any other sports …

      1. Madhavi Kuchimanchi

        Thank you for the reply. Yes, We have SKLZ training aid which he swings. He used to play baseball, but not anymore as he needs more time to practice golf.

        How do I upload his video for any inputs…

        1. Andy

          We currently don’t have any way of uploading and analysing swings. How can we help?



  7. Arby Arboleda

    Been playing for more than 10 yrs and I still have a 35 handicap. I need help

    1. Andy

      How can we help Arby?