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Find A Fairway Part 2 – Club Face ‘Rules’

Learn to hit straighter shots in Part Two of our Find A Fairway video series with PGA Professionals Piers Ward
and Andy Proudman.


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  1. pinger28

    After all my expensive lessons at golftec, this one video fixed 90% of my problems…Thanks guys!!!

  2. Andrew

    You guys are killing me with the rainstorm animations hahaha Thanks for the drills for slicers. I can definitely use those.

    1. Andy

      Ha ha. Glad our editors getting carried away. Love it though!

  3. KeithM

    Good day Andy and Piers. I’ve just watched your video on finding the fairway part 2 now I like to say that when I start of Golf 8 months ago after 8 years off due to back injuries, I have had to learn…

    1. Andy

      Hi Keith. Thank for the comment. It is all about finding that balance. What we would say is that the club face is the most important thing. We want to create a more neutral face. What may help you is …