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Chipping Out of the Rough


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  1. emineo

    Are the feet and shoulders aiming left of the target line in this shot?

    1. Andy

      Feet a little left of the target but shoulders square.

  2. rzeiss

    When I try this I hit a blade shot or a chunk. What am I doing wrong.

    1. Andy

      You need to make sure that your weight stays on your lead foot and the ball is far enough back. We need you to get a steep angle in to the ball. It sounds like you are a little too shallow. Make sure …

  3. aleielo

    Hallo Andy,
    why you deloft your wedge in such a situation? Shouln’t be easier to use your bounce in the grass?

    1. Andy

      Not in the rough, we are looking for a steep angle of attack and to use the sharp leading edge of the club to cut through the rough and get to the ball. This is why you delft it slightly. Hope that he…

  4. aleielo


  5. stevendowden

    Hey guys
    Thanks for this.

    One of the main problems thats stopping me from dropping my handicap lower (20.1) is I’m wasting shots around the green.

    My chipping is very up and down, some days its…

  6. Ian

    Just found this clip a long time after it was posted and notwithstanding the keyword search for chipping and rough failing to find this clip. End of winge.

    Recently on a course with small greens an…

    1. Ian

      After some more work with the Keyword search I’ve found some other clips that might be useful to members. These titles are:
      1. Chipping Out The Rough (subtle change of title but basically the same ad…

    2. Piers

      Yes Ian stiffening the wrists can help, as we said though best you can get that steeper attack angle into the ball with loft on the face. Make sure that you’re not trying to lift the ball at when in …