Bunker Shot vs Iron Shot – Meandmygolf Weekly

Learn the difference between playing a Bunker Shot and an Iron Shot with PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman.

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  1. patrick.law[email protected]

    Hi there – if it had been raining all day and the sand was heavy and wet ….. what would you change there…… i’m guessing the distance that you hit behind the ball?

    1. Andy

      Hi Patrick. Yes, not so open with the club face and a little steeper action to reduce chances of bouncing off the sand.

  2. Sealyons

    Thanks guys, that really cleared things up for me for normal greenside bunker shots! How do things change as you hit sand shots from bunkers that get further away from the green? My course has lots …

  3. peteanto

    Hello, what is the impact of “how much sand” is inside the bunker? Sometimes there is much sand (very deep, feet are “sinking”) sometimes it is less and firm (or wet). Also it could be (but should no…

  4. Anne Falck

    Is there a guidance which loft of the club that is required in the bunkers related to its steepness? In fairway bunkers ,where I want my ball to go far and at the same time avoid being captured by the…

    1. Andy

      That is a tough one Anne. It really comes down to experience but what i would say is don’t be greedy and take more loft than you think. The key thing is to get out and back in play and avoid leaving i…