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    Jeremy E.

    Really enjoyed the videos and discovered several habits that were contributing to my very significant slice. Looking forward to more practice and more draws!

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    Loved the breakdown of how my hands should be after point of impact. The most impactful drills were the raindrop drill and the swing gate. Thanks guys!

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    cool, helped me a lot.

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    Im Little late out of the gate buys none the less fantastic. The term rotation has to do with the club twisting from face open at backswing, square thru the ball and closed at follow thru, right? When I hear that phrase "through the ball" that means rotation of the club from take away back down square and closed at follow through?

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    David H.

    This pretty much killed my slice! I'm not necessarily drawing the ball, but I slacked on practice sessions - so that's my fault. Great coaching plan, guys!

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    Excellent drills in plan, I was slicing my driver on average 40 yards to the left and only averaging 175 yards. Now I'm averaging a 5 yard draw to right and my average distance is 235.

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    Excellent coaching plan. step by step instructions and every lesson builds on the previous ones.

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    Excellent program. Stick to what Andy n Piers say, and you'll start to draw the ball. Absolutely simple instructions to follow, so stop listening to your mates tips and go through this 4 week plan. Thank you so much guys.

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    I tend to pull hook my irons and slice my drives, both from the same over the top swing fault. This fault has got worse as I have got older, maybe because my hip flexibility is not what it used to be. The series of drills in these four sessions now have me hitting draws! It is still a bit of a challenge with the driver, but most important of all I now I have a better feel for what the club path and face should be doing. I found the head cover gate drill really made a difference for me, along with the Sergio drill, which isn’t included in this plan but mentioned in other parts of your website. Well done guys.

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