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    Absolutely love this coaching plan, I have finished it but still working on the drills from week 4 as I have realised that I get under plane

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    very helpful

  3. Alex Hamlyn
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    Alex Hamlyn

    Brilliant. I managed to stop hitting slices. My problem is now that I sometimes hit the ball straight but quite a long way left. I am about to start the “through the gate” drill. Will this fix it?

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    Great plan, definitely helped me understand my slice and what issues needed most work.

  5. Grewen
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    I started this very sceptical to be honest, I sliced everything that wasn’t an iron and thought it was unfixable. Having put a few of the drills into practice it paid off. I was hitting straight and some draws with my 3 wood. I will try the driver in time but getting used to the 3 wood first. Just got a bit carried away at the end of my round where I tried to swing harder and came to steep and hit the ground after the ball and topped it. Overall I am really pleased with the outcome. Having not played for 6 months due to shanks and slices I am back on track. Cheers guys

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    I was working on Break 100 and was having a difficult time due a terrible slice. Decided to instead switch to Slice to Draw to better get control of my ball flight. What a difference. My iron shots are much straighter and most of my drives are straight or a bit of a draw. Thanks guys, your coaching plans a awesome. I am now back working on break 100 and am finally close to breaking 100. Keep those plans coming. Thanks Keith from Texas

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  8. Fu Fu
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    Fu Fu


  9. Richard Torrissen
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    Richard Torrissen

    Great plan!

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    Not what I needed. I have a hook.

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