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    Ethan P.

    I have already been golfing for a few years before this and a lot of what i used to improve my game was the youtube channel Me and My Golf. I always found their videos and drills very helpful and have made me a better and more consistent golfer. I wanted to start out with the basics to make sure I had all of the fundamentals down before I went on to anything more specific. This was great to work on the basics and I even changed some things that I was doing wrong for years and it helped me gain consistency to correct these things. I would definitely recommend this coaching plan for anyone starting their golfing career at any age.

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    Hugh H.

    Hi I found very interesting and helpful I started playing at the age of 75 I am now 80. I have been told for years, that because of my age I have a very slow swing speed so only getting 110 yards with the driver which is pretty poor results. I have an excellent back swing for my age and my body turning 90 degrees no problem. Your coaching plan showed me why I have been losing all my body power because of transition. I am still in lock down so now waiting for practice net to arrive so I can start practicing all I have learn't. :grinning:

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    Joshua B.

    This is great! I’ve been struggling with the game of golf for years now. I’ve learned how to hit from my cousin and I really have just used that since to try and move forward with. It’s refreshing to have small practice techniques to try and be more consistent. Which is the biggest issue for beginners or seasoned hacks like myself. I’m loving the videos, hopefully incorporating some of your techniques into my swing can help me be more consistent. Thanks for looking out for the every day hack!

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    Mikko O.

    I got myself a green card recently and wanted to learn more. This coaching plan gave me good fundamendals on who to swing a golf club and my swing is now more consistent (though it still needs lots of work..) and my back doesn’t get sore anymore (since my swing and follow through has improved so much). I still have much to learn and i’m probably going to advance to the long game or break 100 coaching plans to get even more results :) Thanks Andy and Piers, Mikko Finland

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sam C.

    Started playing about 6/7 mo the ago. Bought some new irons 3 weeks ago and have been hitting the ball worse than when I started playing. Watched all 4 of these back to back. Went to the range tonight and this helped me correct the bad habits I’d started getting back into and went back to basics. Probably had the best range session I’ve had since I started playing. Most consistent 50 balls I’ve hit. Hopefully I can get the same results from the break 100 plan!

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    Jeremy Bridges

    I've taken some personal lessons that got me started on the path of golf, but it seems we missed some fundamentals. I have been on a course before MAMG and I was frustrated at my lack of consistency in ball striking. After following these first four weeks, my ball striking has improved 1000% WITH straighter shots. These are key fundamentals needed to have and grow while learning and playing golf. Thanks Andy and Piers for adding confidence to my game!

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    Taylor H.

    24 years old and just beginning to understand the game. Was always going out to the course with some friends just swinging along with no understanding of form. These 4 videos created a much needed practice schedule for my driving range that luckily stayed open during this COVID crisis, and allowed me to create a fundamental and routine shot that I can actually use on the weekends with friends.

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    George Crase

    I’m relatively new to golf, I’ve played before but never took it serious until this year and all of the myths you guys covered are exactly what my friend tells me I need to do to get better. That being said I’m happy I find about you guys before I really messed up my swing and I’m very pleased with the drills you guys showed! I’ll be doing these everywhere! :smiley:

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    Ashley L.

    I am currently 17.8 handicap, really enjoyed watching this series, I have got a lot from it and will be using lots of the drills from now on in my practice sessions. Turn Shift Turn is my personal favourite, helps me with my alignment as well as feeling my right leg being loaded and full turn in the backswing. looking forward to getting involved in more coaching plans!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    I signed up for the this because of the 30 day trial and was skeptical, but I take it all back; and am keeping this program for just a little bit longer ;). I did the 4 week basics course, and no kidding shaved 20 strokes off my game; I broke 100 for the first time ever!! I am beyond impressed and thankful for such a thought through plan. Next up; Break 90!!!!

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