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    James M.

    Excellent content and instruction, I had been told to check out MAMG for a while by a couple coworkers and I finally decided to give it a go. Started with the most basic of plans (as I’m a mostly self taught golfer, with only two official lessons), I’d been toying with golf off an in for over 25yrs and never took it up in a serious manner. Late last year something changed after playing with a bunch of coworkers in a tournament they put on (read it as a excuse for most of them to just drink and have fun with people they work with). I’m not sure what changed, could be I just got older and liked it, could be a new challenge for me, or something else, but I found an enjoyment to it that I had not previously found. Even as bad as I was playing, I kept at it all winter and into the early spring. Basically if it was above freezing and a course was open to play, it was out there. I was hooked you might say (well more than hooked if you ask my wife. Lol). I started the new year with many plans for golf and was hoping to get better along the way. Took a couple lessons before a vacation to Maui (with a couple rounds of golf planned) in January. Didn’t play well, but had fun playing golf in Maui in winter (I mean who wouldn’t enjoy that?). Came home and was set to continue my spring/summer golf plans. The family had gotten me a membership at a local course and even got the GHIN with it. Then COVID hit and pretty much stopped all my plans, like many others I’m sure. Hastily made a small range in the garage to try and continue swinging any way I could. 10-12 weeks later, the courses were open again and with much excitement I got back out on the course(s) in earnest. Hoping my home range work would bare fruit. It didn’t. First two round after the lockdown were probably my worst since I first tried to play golf. Still undeterred, I kept at it and started to kind of get back to where I was before the lockdown. Not satisfied, I knew more lessons of some kind were surely going to be in order. That’s where MAMG come in. I work on call for the Railraod and having the time to get to lessons regularly and the range/course thereafter is a challenge. So after being told for mo this to check out MAMG, I finally did. I’m glad I did too. Being able to go at my own pace or as time allows me to with the plan is a huge plus. The instruction/coaching and drills do work for sure. I noticed some small improvements straight away, though I couldn’t always do so consistently. I really enjoy the explanation of the “why” behind things and how things work together or will work together at later points. To be fair, I mixed parts form the weeks in as I went along. Probably not the most ideal of ways to go about it, but it’s worked to an extent thus far. While not consistent yet with all parts of the plan, when I’ve gone out and played rounds and remembered to use the process, my shots have been better without question. Still lots of work to do and I suspect it’ll be a constant work in progress. I still try to hit in my home garage range as often as I can. Not blasting ball after ball, but a more controlled approach. I’ll hit 10 balls, stop, regroup, hit another 10 balls, stop, regroup, and either from there call it good for the time being or sometimes go another 10 balls (depending on the time I have). I don’t always hit the same club(s), aside fro the 7i the plan was using or recommended to use. After all of the time I’ve spent trying to play and more recently, actually taking the time to try and learn how to play, I’ve come to enjoy the game more and dare say I’ve come to love the game, though I do wish I’d have taken up the game when I was much younger. I cannot say enough good things about MAMG. It’s made a world of difference to and for me. I still have my tendency to hit right on the course the dreaded slice/fade issue many have, but I know I can get better and MAMG will probably be my go to source for that. I’ve even already went with the Long Game plan next and I’ll probably go with Breaking 100 after that. Hopefully I’ll have enough good weather to do that, but if not, I know I’ll have the winter to work on the short game stuff in the garage. Again thank you for all that everyone at MAMG have done and continue to do.

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    Edmund Towers

    I’m 35, I’ve been playing golf since I was about 11. I had a few lessons when I first started but probably didn’t take them in. Since then I’ve played intermittently and have had maybe 2 lessons in 25 years. I finally got sick of always carding 105-110 and having no consistency. I swallowed my ego and started with the basics course. Best decision I’ve ever made in golf. Having watched the first 3 videos, practised in the back garden and hit 60 balls at driving range, I am a completely different player. I’ve never hit 10 balls in a rows consistently never mind 60 balls in a row. Nevermknd land 2 consecutive drives 240yrds and only 6 ft apart. For me it was the The grip and stance which were So important and often rushed. I’ve heard a lot of people say such-and-such pro has a crazy grip or stance and still hits it well. But my experience is this makes everything about 50x harder. I would really encourage anyone to keep making sure they have grip and stance right even as they get a bit better. If you don’t really master this I don’t think you will ever play enjoyable golf. Going to start on break 100 now and take it nice and slow but make sure is still focus on the fundamentals

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    Les Hirsch

    I watched this video to get acquainted with the site and programs. I've been playing golf for many years, have had lessons, and have a reasonable understanding of the game. In the past I have had some lessons that have helped, however while my skills are better my scores have not gotten better. In season in NJ, USA, March/April through October/November I play at least once a week, sometimes twice. I have a 23.4 handicap index now and it's very disappointing. My biggest problem is that during each round I play I don't do well on 5-6 holes and score a triple bogey, thus I score around 100 and sometimes break 100. On other holes I will score bogeys and doubles and some pars. I know that my skills are better than my scores however I continue to have breakdowns during each round that I play causing me to be a high handicapper. I watched several of your videos prior to deciding to buy and was impressed with your teaching approach and the richness of your site. Would be interested in any guidance you can provide. Thanks! Les Hirsch

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    Orn A.

    Thank you guys, great tips there. I am starting again after 15 yrs of wasting time, anyways enough of that. I have one question, about the grip. I am working on changing my grip these days. I've always had an interlock grip, wich I am quitting now with a good results. But over the years I have always thought I have to hold (pressure) the golfclub with my forefinger as with middle and ring finger in my right hand (right handed golfer) a coach pointed it out to me few weeks ago to stop pressuring the clup with my forefinger and only focus on using middle and ring finger. I've been doing that now lately and I love it, makes huge difference. I noticed in your video you didn't mentioned on this and not many online coaches do (on youtube) then I mean wich fingers on right hand should do the work on right handed golfer, you talk about the leading hand and it should be more in the fingers there. So what is your thoughts on that ? Cheers and all the best Örn

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    Trip Lauber

    I liked that this course covered the basics. As a "learner" looking to review the basics, this course provided exactly what I was looking for. One element I think this course would benefit from is a discussion on how specific movements should feel. Since these are online lessons and the instructors can't see the student working through the process, it's important to provide ways for the student to check for themselves. I agree that filming, discussed in the final week, is a good idea, but what about the swings I don't film? What if I'm doing something that looks right on camera but really isn't? If I know that I need to feel a "load" in my trail hip to confirm I'm rotating my body properly, I'll have a better chance of getting it right without the camera and on the course. This was my first "MaMG" plan that I've worked through, though, so perhaps I'm just ready for more than the target audience of this particular course.

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    Darin Tisdale

    Simple, yet important progression of fundamentals to practice as someone looking to correct basic flaws in my game. I was struggling to break 80 the past couple months. I used this coaching plan in quick, week long progression (4 days in row with all 4 weeks worth of drills each day) in combination with "Flexible in 15" for a week and was able to get scoring back under 80 (was scoring 80 - 90 all rounds) for the first time this year at the end of the week with a 78. (Note: I have played approximately 10 rounds since mid-May with hitting of ball approximately 20 days at the local range and about 10 or so days working on short game on practice green). Note: Maybe add a week of coaching and drills related to the take away and backswing with this this plan. Looking forward to moving into the breaking 100 plan add a some more consistency in my game through focus on basic fundamentals.

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    Jeff Lantosh

    Very useful information. I've been playing on and off over the past 7 years (the first 5 were with a torn labrum). I decided I wanted to get in person lessons after my surgery. The lessons worked well and gave me some great fundamentals. However, they missed (as did I) the one thing I kept slipping on, my right thumb breaking/losing grip in my backswing/follow through. It caused me to hit the top of the ball and drive it into the ground. After watching the basic plan video on how to grip the club and watching the other basic videos (slow-mo definitely helps) my game has instantly improved. I do feel like my in-person instructors gave me some great advice (posture, balance, swing motion etc...). I can finally capitalize off of all of it. No bullshit, thanks to meandmygolf my golf game has changed in less than a week. Looking forward to move the next plans and improving my game!

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    Kevin D.

    After not playing golf in 16 years and 3 kids later I decided I needed to get back in shape and out on the course. Having these videos to watch before going to the range each week have really helped me get back into the flow of it. Also the technology of the equipment nowadays has been great too. Even on some not so clean shots the ball still goes pretty straight! The note to video yourself when hitting balls was great advice, seeing how you are swinging compared to what it “should” look like has really helped. I was going way too far back on my backswings thinking I needed that to generate power. Couple little tweaks to the swing after recording myself and watching your guys videos has helped. Played a few par 3 courses with my dad to get ready to try 9 on a standard course. Will keep watching the videos, next up the long game. Cheers!

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    I've been playing for twenty years, got down to 13 after 8 years but age is now gradually pushing up the handicap. Yet I still found this 4 session guide to basics useful to refresh the mind about the fundamentals. To build a solid house, get the foundations right. These four weeks provide an easily understood foundation to build upon. Now I've seen the details of these four sessions I won't hesitate to recommend this plan to many people I see struggling with adjustments and compensations in their swing. I just wish that I had this chance when I started, but I did have a talented friend who should have been a golf coach. Thanks Shane MacD Cheers Ian

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    Tim W.

    A couple things as a brand new golfer that i would like to see are a couple minor basics... Where are you lining the ball up on the club? Is it in the center of the leading edge? Does that position ever change? Also another minor basic would be how high are you setting the tee on a drive with the driver. If either of these are covered elsewhere, I think it would be nice to have them at least briefly mentioned in the "Basics" section. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome videos. You all do a great job at being very thorough which really helps me learn as I am someone who focuses on all the tiny steps that often get overlooked. Thanks again!

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