I want to give the 7-day free trial a go, can I view everything you guys have to offer in the trial?

Great question, you can view our full video library, use the shot fixer and also view part 1 of all of our coaching plans. All other content will become unlocked at the end of the trial. We feel 7 days is the perfect amount of time to decide if our service is going to benefit your game.

I decided the membership was not for me in my trial period, what happens now?

If this is the case, please do log into the member portal and cancel your membership, if you are struggling or need help, please contact support, and we will quickly assist you.

I'm sure Me And My Golf is for me, can I bypass the free trial?

Absolutely, you can do this after the sign-up page, if you need any help, please contact support, and we can do this for you.

What if in a few months I decided this might not be for me? Can I cancel straight away?

Absolutely! We do not hold you to continue to use our services at any point, and we do not require notice, you can cancel your membership at any time in the member portal, if you are having any trouble, please do contact us and can gladly assist or perform a manual cancellation from our end.

I don't know if I would like to go monthly or get a full year, what should I do?

Please, if you are unsure, do start by using the monthly service, if you decide to pay for a year's membership and no longer require it in a few months we are not able to cancel and give you your money back. On the other hand, if you know you want to use the service for a whole year, do pick the yearly option as you will save yourself money!

Are there any additional benefits in having a yearly plan or a monthly plan?

Both memberships are the same apart from with the yearly plan you pay the full amount upfront and save yourself some money by doing so!

Is the membership available in my country and will the videos be native to my language?

Me And My Golf is available in every country around the world. Currently, all videos are in English, and we are working on getting all videos translated to fit a broader range of languages, watch this space!

How often do you guys add new content?

We are regularly adding new content to the website; once in the member portal, we have a calendar which is regularly updated to reflect the current schedule.

I can not find what I am looking for. I thought you guys covered everything?

We feel we have got every single angle covered in the golfing A-Z handbook BUT, if there is a particular topic that you can not find, PLEASE do contact us and let us know and we will do everything we can to point you in the right direction or, get this created.

I've got my membership, and now I want to start to use your guy's shop, how do I get my VIP discount?

Login to the shop using the same details as your membership, you will find your VIP discounts have been automatically added to your account.

I feel that the coaching plans are for me, but I do not want a full membership, what do I do?

The coaching plans can be purchased directly from the website, once purchased that plan will not expire, you can then continue to use it as and when you please.

I tried the membership before, canceled it, and now I want to give it another go, what do I do?

Log in using the same user information from before, and you can pick up from exactly where you left off!

Have we answered all your questions?

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