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    It Worked :)

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    The 4 week plan worked great. I joined a new course this season. Super difficult long and tight which exposed my out of control left to right ball flight, especially in the wind. After following the 4 week plan my ball control is greatly improved. I am hitting beautiful draws. I even have a low stinger using My 3 wood which is now longer than my driver used to be. I am no longer forced to pull the "big dog" on the tight tee shots. Double bogies are turning into pars. Thanks Guys.

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    Absolutely LOVE what you guys are doing. Best instruction out there.

  4. Alex Peterson
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    Alex Peterson

    Finally i can draw my irons but still have problems with the driver and spoon. Probably because i have very bad hip rotation.

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    Extremely useful content! Keep us the excellent work! Can't wait to see the Break 90 plan online.

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    Great things to work on

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    Awesome coaching plan. I’m definitely drawing more shots. Thanks guys! Can’t wait for Break90!

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    Great stuff

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    It works!!!! After 40 years of “power fades” aka slices, I finally get how to draw! Would love some printable crib sheets to take with me to practice!

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