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    JASON G.

    What kind of trickery is this!!! :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Guys, what a great, well instructed course. I completed this after being out of golf for just over 3 years. I went to the range a few weeks ago and everything was either slicing or pushing. I just finished the course today and I am just back from the range. My first drive was unreal. Lovely sweeping draw. I actually laughed and thought no way. So i hit a few more and i was hitting them really well. Now I did push and i did slice a few. BUT, it was only a few. We cant hit them well every single time eh?? I have to give credit where credits due. This course has helped me massively. Being out for so long, you forget the simplest of things and this was great to ease me back in. Very impressed. I'm hoping that my old 10 hc that i still have to play off will be falling a bit lower now. Now, which course is next!! :flag_in_hole: :golfer:

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    pat d.

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  5. KEVIN R.
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    KEVIN R.

    Great plan as always. Still not pulling off the draw very often but slice is so much better. Was ready to throw my driver in the lake before this plan. Hitting it much straighter then in the past. Thanks guys.

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    Andrew B.

    Really great coaching, with patience and practice, I'm become far more consistent and have had maybe 2 slices in my last 4 rounds.

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    Albert K.

    Really started to hit a draw at the range the other night after the last drill. Awesome plan!

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  9. Woody H.
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    Woody H.

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    Leanne H.

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