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    Great advise really breaks the fundamentals down. Thanks guys, this was a big help.

  2. mckinnonwg
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    Great stuff as always!!

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    Just Brilliant !

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    I had a tendency to push the ball to the right with everything. Even after day 1 on this plan, that problem was solved

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    Lucrecia Botin

    Dear Andy & Pierce. This slice to draw plan is nothing short of sensational. I am a 55 year old woman who spent her early childhood at the Real Golf de Pedreña in Santander, Spain. This is, the town and golf course where Seve Ballesteros grew up and then lived all of his life. He eventually married my cousin Carmen, so his Swing and game has been edged in my brain since childhood. My life took me elsewhere for years, and I completely abandonned Gol. However, I have recently gone back, and thanks to you both am enjoying it tremendously. My backswing is just easy, it’s just there (don’t ask me why, it just stayed in my visual memory, and I don’t have any problem with it. The finish, however, I hve been struggling with for months. The Third and fourth week of this coaching plan, addressing first, club face rotation through the ball (catching raindrops excercise) and finally club path through the ball (swinging slightly right of target, through the wood covers) just did the trick for me. Somehow I remember a longer finish and bending my back waaay back after the finish... something impossible to do at my age despite being in rather good shape for my age. Thank you both for your amazing on line instruction! Lucrecia Botin

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    Slice is much reduced, ball flight is straighter!

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    Just what I needed. Excellent series! Bob K Hampstead NC

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    Very good tips

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    Good content!

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    Great fundamentals

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