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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Guillaume Saigne

    I loved this training. Already broke 80 3 times this year, started golf 2 years ago and started with MMG last year. Your advice are very helpful. Thank you. What I find most difficult now is to maintain the good strikes and scores. I become more and more demanding on myself as I improve. The mental part in golf is huge and the coaching series help me get back to the basics and refocus. Hopefully I will keep this in mind for my competition tomorrow ;-)

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    Will S.

    How to Break 80 gave me the tools and thoughts to finally break 80! I actually broke 80 once before but everything had to go right. After going through this program I felt a lot more confident in my striking ability, and it was only a matter of time until I was in the 70's. Last night I finally broke through with a comfortable 78 with many missed opportunities. Lots of positives to take away. Some of the keys for me were Iron Striking - 75% swing and hitting the ball first (My swing before would try to brush the grass which led to many missed shots). Proper weight distribution also helped. I had developed a sway and didn't realize how damaging that was. Hadn't hit the Driver well for the last 3 years - basically took all the advise for Driver. Really thought about swinging 80% yesterday and I was leaving myself if great spots. My favorite thing is being able to reference these coaching videos any time I need a reminder on something. Looking forward to using this momentum to keep improving.

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    Satheesh S.

    Gents, Thank you ! I broke 80 yesterday (got a 79). The thing that worked for me was optimizing distance - not trying to hit too hard.. Was a great day of putting but the one thing that stood out after the round was that I wasnt trying to smash the ball.. Thanks for all these awesome drills & lessons. I remember watching your lessons on how to break 90 on youtube. I have one more question. One of the courses (Dubai Creek Club) that I play is alway quite windy & I struggle with my driver out there. Holes 17 & 18 have the creek along the left & the fairways are quite tight. Well I could use an Iron of the tee, was wondering if you would have any suggestions for the driver. Thanks Satheesh

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    William M.

    Excellent info gents. It's helped my game a lot. I'm now flushing my irons and wedges a lot better.

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    I really liked this set of videos. With this program, and a few of your other videos, I have seen drastic improvement in consistency and recovery. I have focused on playing smart out of the rough - implementing your recommendations on punch shots and higher lofted clubs. I had my best round, so far, last week. I haven't broken 80; but, I don't think it is too far off. What are your thoughts on getting measured for clubs vs buying standard lengths/sets. Will this make a big difference or just help me be more comfortable & subtly impact my game? My handicap has been improving, though I am currently at 16. Thanks. Brandon

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    This has been a great plan. If only you could provide a "no practice needed" version :-) I haven't yet broken 80, but I am not far from it, and this plan has been a great help. The practice sections and on course tips have been the most helpful parts of the plan for me. I have not been able to practice as often as I would like, and I am quite sure that is the only thing that has held me back. The skills and strategy have greatly improved, but without the practice time, improvement is slower. Thanks for these excellent coaching plans!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Neil M.

    Absolute fantastic series, lots of very useful info and demonstrations, I’ve used this series to help my own game, it’s made me feel more confident within my golf game, a must watch if your stuck, fantastic guys well done now just got to break .80, closest I’ve got Is 81 and 82 but wouldn’t of got those without watching this series

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    Best series yet. I really appreciate the time you guys have taken to put this together. It is info all golfers should have in their mind as they play.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian B.

    Excellent program for me. I completed both Break 90 and Break 80. I am now shooting in the low 80's. Haven't broken 80 yet but confident I will.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    mark davies

    Great set of videos and tips and drills!! Have broke 80 now to do it consistently Cheers mark Davies

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