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I shot an 81 yesterday (with no gimmies) – my best round ever. A big thank you to Me And My Golf for all the courses!


It’s Time To Finally Reach Your Golfing Potential

Want to know the simple secret to playing your best golf consistently?

The chances are, you already know it but don’t know how to do it yourself.

It’s simple: the consistently good golfer practices with purpose.

The most effective, efficient and affordable way to improve your golf FAST

Over the past 20 years we’ve developed the most effective, efficient and affordable way of improving your golf game FAST, without the need for face-to-face lessons.

We’re making elite golf tuition available for everyone – regardless of how good you are, how much free time you have, and which part of your game needs work.

Thanks to our revolutionary online coaching programs, we give you the chance to take control of your golf practice.

You’ll be amazed at just how effective online tuition is. All you need to do is log in, follow our virtual lessons at the range or on the course, and watch your scores drop within a matter of weeks.

Improve every part of your game, on demand

Our membership covers every part of your game, from driving, irons and putting – and everything in between. We can even guide you through breaking 100, 90, or 80 and help you with your on-course strategy.

Coaching from world-famous golf pros for a fraction of the cost of face-to-face lessons? It really is golf’s best kept secret.

What’s Included In Your Free Trial?

In your free trial, you’ll get unlimited access to ALL our coaching plans – worth $1000s!.

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Exclusive Member Benefits

There’s even more to our membership than our coaching platform. Here are just a couple of bonus benefits all our members receive. From giveaways to discounts and community to quality time with Piers & Andy.

  • Access to our exclusive member community
  • Monthly giveaways
  • Live lessons and Q&As with Piers and Andy
  • Exclusive discounts with some of golf’s biggest brands

Groundbreaking Coaching Features

A customised coaching roadmap

Set yourself individual targets and combine all the coaching, practice and drills you will need to exceed those targets in one place.

Accessible anywhere, at any time.

Shot fixer tool

Have a consistent miss or bad shot that ruins your rounds?

Relieve that frustration and feel more confident in your game with our shot fixer tool – dedicated online lessons aimed at giving you more control over your shots.

1,200+ bonus tips

Access to 1,200+ videos that can’t be viewed on our YouTube channel or anywhere else for that matter!

Our bonus material covers every aspect of golf imaginable.

Who Is Me And My Golf For?

The short answer: everyone, no matter what your level of ability. The short answer: everyone, no matter what your level of ability. The short answer: everyone, no matter what your level of ability.

01 Beginner Golfers

The easy way to learn golf

Me and My Golf helps you learn everything you need to play golf, in no time at all. Learning golf doesn’t need to be difficult or complex and with our coaching, you will be amazed with the results that are possible.

Our videos cover everything, starting from the basics like how to hold the club, the correct stance, how to swing with ease and how to strike the ball consistently with accuracy and power.

Don’t Wait To Start

Many people wait before they get coaching but this only leads to delayed progress and the start of bad habits.

“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great”.

The hardest thing is getting started and we understand the difficulties that beginners have. That’s why our coaching is specifically designed to help you make fast progress and grow in confidence as we support you right from the start of your golfing journey.

Not only is our coaching so simple but you can also learn in your own time, in the comfort of your own home, before heading to the range armed with all you need.

02 Intermediate golfers

Our coaching platform is the most comprehensive learning environment for intermediate golfers on the web. 

Imagine logging into your personalised coaching dashboard for the first time feeling like a distinctly average golfer. Inconsistent rounds stopping you from truly enjoying the game, missed opportunities to go low and make up ground on your buddies. 

And then a few weeks later feeling like a completely different golfer, without having a single face-to-face lesson.

That’s the reality for thousands of our members, who have taken themselves from intermediate golf to personal best low scores and handicaps, thanks to our simple coaching philosophy and structured coaching plans. 

They’re now more concerned with Breaking 90 and even 90, than they are with stopping their 3 putting. How would that feel if you were in their place?

Practice with purpose

You see, you probably already know what’s holding you back from becoming a really good golfer.

Do you feel you’re truly making the most of your playing and practising opportunities? When you go to the range, do you go there with a clear intention? Are the conditions right so that the positive changes you make are going to stick for good?

For most of the intermediate golfers we see, this is the most effective change they can make to start shooting consistently low scores.

And to be clear, we don’t want you to necessarily practice more. We just want you to practice BETTER. 

That’s what our coaching plans can do for you – helping you play your best and most enjoyable golf by giving you the structure you need.

03 Advanced golfers

Did you know we coach PGA Tour player and two-time European Tour winner Aaron Rai? We’ve worked with him since he was just a kid, and have helped to develop him into one of the best golfers in the world.

We have taken the best of our coaching with Aaron and other top-tier players and put it into our online coaching platform.

Our structured Break 80 coaching plan has given thousands of our members the tools to go sub-80 not just once, but consistently. And they supplement this training by working through our other coaching plans, such as:

  • Total Driving
  • Ultimate Irons
  • Complete Putting
  • Complete Chipping

They make sure our very best members keep their technique on point from tee to green and, most importantly, feel confident in every single situation they find themselves in.

Join Today And Get Access To All Our Courses

  • FULL access to every new and existing coaching plan
  • Save thousands of dollars on elite golf coaching
  • Work on our lessons anywhere, any time

Our Promise To Our Members

We will:

  • Take the complexity out of golf and make it simple –
  • Give you a single coaching philosophy to reduce overwhelm and keep you focused
  • Put you in control of your practice while standing by your side
  • Give you a clear pathway to playing your best golf
  • Help you improve in the fastest time by only giving you information that will improve you
  • Give you more confidence on the course than you’ve ever had before

How is Me And My Golf Different From In-person Lessons?

Nothing matches one-on-one coaching with an experienced coach. And we know that very well, which is why we still offer personal coaching ourselves! However, we also understand its limitations.

Let’s start with the price. For a single, face-to-face coaching session, you’ll be paying around $200/hour. You can get a full annual membership for less than the price of a golf lesson.

But it’s not only about the price! With Me And My Golf, you train at your own pace. You choose the time that fits your schedule.

Whether in the middle of the night or early in the morning, we are just one click away. And, of course, with Me and My Golf where you train is up to you. You can watch and practice in your garage, in your office, or on the driving range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged for my trial?

No. Your 7-day trial is completely free and you can cancel it at anytime within those 7 days without charge.

Once your 7-day trial has finished, you will automatically be moved onto a paid membership of your choice where you get unlimited access to every single feature in our personal coaching dashboard. 

How fast will I see results from Me And My Golf?

This depends on how much time you spend practising and whether you follow our instruction. However, our plans have been designed to bring you results in typically 4-6 weeks.

Can I really improve my golf by watching online videos?

Yes, you can. Being able to pause and rewind, gives you an awesome sense of the overall techniques and skills you need to enhance your game. The videos are broken down to make learning the game less of a chore and more of a fun activity you look forward to with pleasure. Many of our members practice their shots at home before going out to the range, while others say that watching the videos on the driving range helps them become better golfers.

Do I really need to subscribe? Isn’t it easy enough to find free content online that will help improve my game?

Your subscription gives you access to our highly respected coaching team, including world class PGA Pros and specialist coaches.

We offer structured, easy-to-follow coaching plans that are unique to Me and My Golf and customised specifically for you.

How often do I need to practice after I subscribe to Me and My Golf?

What is important is that you practice the correct things. The Me and My Golf training program is flexible and only focuses on the areas you need to work on.

This means that you can practice whenever you’re free, knowing you’re working on the right things to achieve your goals. The coaching content is always accessible online, and this is something that can help you balance work and family commitments with your training.

What do I need to get started with Me and My Golf?

All you need to get started are some golf balls, a golf club and an open space to practice. Each plan will tell you if there’s anything else you need before you start.

Reviews & Case Studies

Find out what golfers love about Me And My Golf membership and join 1000s of golfers playing the best golf of their lives.

mmg 5 stars

I went from a 14 handicap around 3 years ago to a 6 today entirely based on the instruction from Me And My Golf.

mmg 5 stars

I shot an 81 yesterday (with no gimmies) – my best round ever. A big thank you to Me And My Golf for all the courses!

mmg 5 stars

Simply put, they are the best online golf instructors period! Their lessons are presented in a way that makes them easy to understand and implement. 

mmg 5 stars

These courses are incredible. Picked up golf this season and broke 100 after about 8 or 9 weeks. Thanks guys!