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Open Club Face Fix

Do you struggle with an open club throughout your backswing and at impact? Struggling with the dreaded slice? Fix your open club face for good with this simple drill that will fix your open club face and slice in minutes! 


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  1. Donald R.

    Just joined and have played golf since my early teens (a lot older now!!} and was having so much trouble with my game I decided to go “back to basics”. And the first thing I noticed in the lesson plan…

    1. Andy

      Hi Donald. Welcome to our community. We are so excited to have you here and to help you with your game. Our aim is to make it as simple as possible for you to improve and enjoy. You’re never too old t…

  2. David G.

    great video.
    “down up down”
    seems so easy…looking forward to trying this one

    1. Piers Ward

      Thanks again David!