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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Gareth E.

    Very useful pointers on the longer game. The biggest myth and issues I've seen (and been guilty of myself) are caused by people thinking they need to swing like Bryson or Rory - those guys spend their entire life (aided by coaches and tech) hitting the ball like that. Yes, you need a level of speed, but 99% of golfers will actually get better results and actually got the ball further more consistently if they used 70-80% effort, swing smooth, give yourself time to make good contact, stay balanced - if you do this you'll not it further than a most golfers. It sounds obvious, but I've recently made huge improvements by doing this; and these courses make sure you get those basics right 👌

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    Trip Lauber

    I appreciated the addition of "feel" discussions which greatly helped me in my practice sessions. Without another person there, I used the feelings described in the videos to know I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. I'm a "learner" by the MaMG description, but I only took a few lessons many years ago. My swing is the result of 12 years of baseball, so there are faults. I used the Beginner courses to check what I put together over the last 15 years and found some key mistakes that I've been able to address with these videos. I'm hoping to put the entire program together to refine my swing into something workable and repeatable.

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    Mattias B.

    appreciate how you break it down so easy. I have to admit though that the toughest thing is trying to cut the drills and pointers out from my mind when on the course. Some days that works better than others. The best game is usually the first after a lengthy layoff when i dont think about swing stuff at all and surprisingly get a solid round it...but that is not the goal :). Started this season at 15 hcp and down to 13.6 currently. Target is a 12 by season 'end' which is usually around November / December in Atlanta, GA.

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    Andy and Pierce, This was a great series of instructional videos and very helpful I do have one question. While rehearsing the impact position with my irons and hybrids, I decided to try it with my 5 wood and driver. The results were much better with the two latter clubs than I would have expected. I made sure to completely follow through with my rotation on all shots. This moved seemed to simplify my swing on all clubs and wonder whether I should continue this or go back to a different swing for my 5 wood and driver.

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    Jimmy H.

    Now completed two plans breaking 100 and this one and my game has improved a lot. Hitting straight, iron, driver and hybrids all working much better. Has messed up a bit about distance. I have added many more yards to all clubs and need to get a better feeling of respective clubs. A good thing but a bit difficult when aiming for the greens with going a bit to far. Short game up next learn more about my club distances. Thank you both for very educational coaching plans.

  6. Rated 3 out of 5


    There is a lot more video work with irons than I expected. I was hoping for more direct commentary on long game in regards to hybrids, fairway metals, and driver. Overall interesting, but I felt I had seen most of this through other videos in the vaults and was hoping for more direct focus on the longer clubs.

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    These guys teach very well together. They feed off each other and their teaching style is very easy to understand and very ‘to the point’ which I really appreciate. I’ve learned an incredible amount already and I’m looking forward to the next level!!

  8. Rated 3 out of 5

    Nathan C.

    felt it started well with useful information for making sure the club face was more controlled and swing started on path. Felt it could have built on this more to provide more consistent club face control and swing path in later weeks

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Zoe D.

    Loved this plan - really given me confidence with my iron selection and when to use fairway woods. By ball strike has definitely improved and it’s good to know when to ‘ignore’ those tips/myths from well-meaning partners 😂

  10. Rated 4 out of 5

    Kyle R.

    Some good drills that have really helped with my ball striking and some others that I am finding abit harder to get my head around. I will definitely need to revisit some of the videos as I continue to try and improve my game.

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